The protests over the death of #MahsaAmini in Iran: day 6

Six days after the death of Mahsa Amini;

compilation of reports in English and Farsi from various sources

HRA (Human rights agency) report  from the sixth day of a nationwide protest

Despite the heavy presence of armed security forces and an intense atmosphere, anti-regime protests resumed across IRI.

The IRGC threatened the protesters, and Anonymous hacked more sites

Euronews, A comprehensive report, Farsi, 22/09/2022

Videos show a Surreal Tehran,  crawling with Security Forces

22 of SEPTEMBER  2022- Posted on  Iranwire  website 

🤖   @VahidHeadLine telegram channel

Christiane Amanpour:

Protests are sweeping Iran  and  women are burning their hijabs

after the death last week of Mahsa Amini, following her arrest by the “morality police”

. Human rights groups say at least 8 have been killed.

RadioFarda reports

On Thursday, in its news segment at 2 p.m.,
the state television of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced
that 17 people were killed in the protests against the death of Mehsa Amini.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Human Rights Organization says that the number of people who died until the sixth day of the demonstrations was 31.

HRA news and netblocks confirm massive disruption in internet connectivity during the commemorations and protests for Mahsa Amini

⚠️ It is Confirmed:

A new mobile internet disruption has been registered in #Iran;

real-time network data show a second nation-scale loss of connectivity

on Iran’s leading cellular operator MCI (First Mobile)

amid protests over the death of #MahsaAmini 📵

By Aleph, on his telegram channel on 21.09.2022) 

network disruption



Twitter users in Farsi are using this hashtag to protest the alleged disruption in internet connectivity during the protests to commemorate Mahsa Amini’s death

A video shows  plainclothes officers shooting in #Mehrshahr city,

Karaj district

Videos depict the funeral of Mino Majidi
, one of the victims of recent protests in Kermanshah
have been published on social networks..


 Source credit BBC Persian, 22/09/2022

 Hashtag: #OpIran #MahsaAmini

More than 1000 Iranian cameras are hacked by Anonymous VNPC YourAnonOne

A video from Shahrood city, Islamic Republic of Iran, 21/09/2022 –

   A video From the fifth day of the protests against mandatory hijab

On this day, Also known as “30 of Shahrivar”, people of Shahrood city gathered to chant slogans in protest against the regime. 

This video was Originally posted on Vahid online telegram channel, on  22,09.2022

The gathering of protesting citizens in #Esfarain, part of Mahsa Amini commemoration – on 21.09.2022

HRANA report: The Women Rights Activist Avin Rasti  has been Arrested

The Iranian Security forces arrested women’s rights activist Avin Rasti

and transferred her to an unidentified location on the 20th of September  2022,.She was allegedly arrested for her participation in protests after the death of Mahsa Amini. The arrest took place in Mariwan, Kurdistan Province of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


avin rasti

Palestinian news chanels round-up 2-4/06

Ramallah #رام_الله

“Settlers and israeli soldiers raid

the village of Nabi Saleh west

in an attempt to remove

the Palestinian flag in the village.”

A young man was wounded by israeli gunfire

during clashes in the village of Nabi Saleh

, northwest of #رام_الله.

photos | A sit-down in the city of #Ramallah

to demand the return of the bodies of martyrs held by the occupation

صور | وقفة في مدينة #رام_الله للمطالبة باسترداد جثامين الشــ ــهداء المحتجزة لدى الاحتلال

Israeli occupation forces close

the Beit Furik checkpoint east of

Nablus #نابلس.

The occupation re-closes the entrance to the town of Beta south of

#نابلس with fences after it was opened by residents this morning

المقدسي للاعلام, [04/06/2022 17:40]
عاجل | الاحتلال يعيد إغلاق مدخل بلدة بيتا جنوب #نابلس بالسواتر الترابية بعد فتحه من قبل الأهالي صباح اليوم
Beita village, Nablus

Al-Maqdisi for Media, [04/06/2022 18:53]

Press coverage:

“Settlers attack Palestinian farmers

in Deir Nidham village”

شاهد | قوات الاحتلال تعتقل شاباً من باب العامود بـ #القدس الآن

#القدس Jerusalem

“Settlers bulldozing land in the village of Jaloud

, south of Nablus.”

Occupation imposes restrictions on the vehicles

of the residents in Salah al-Din Street

in occupied Jerusalem

Hebrew sources: “Ma’ale Hazitim settlement

in Ras al-Amud neighborhood caught fire

after being targeted with Molotov cocktails”

Occupation hands Jerusalem activist

Mohammed Abu al-Homus

a decision to remove him from al-Aqsa Mosque

for a week to be renewed next week

#Photos | family of the jerusalemite prisoner

al-Maqdisi Mohammed Farawi prepares

to release her son after 8 years

of detention in occupation prisons

Israeli army arrested local Palestinian youth at Bab Al- Amoud, East Jerusalem

Al-Maqdisi for Media, [04/06/2022 17:29]

The occupation forces arrested the young Jerusalemite
, Musab Al-Obeid, after storming and searching his house
on Al-Wad Road in the Old City of #Jerusalem.

Beita village
photo | The effects of the destruction left by
the occupation in the home of the young man,
Musab Al-Obeid, in the Old City of #Jerusalem,
after he was stormed and searched prior to his arrest.

Local sources: Israeli police set up roadblocks

in both directions at Hazma

checkpoint north of Jerusalem

Negev (south of Israel)

Press sources: “The driver Rami Seda’a was released from

Beersheba after being attacked by Israeli police yesterday.”

Press coverage: Israeli forces assault

a young man

during his arrest in the Negev city of Rahat #رهط.

تغطية صحفية: القوات الإسرائيلية تعتدي على شاب أثناء اعتقاله في مدينة #رهط بالنقب.


Citizens clash with Israeli soldiers as settlers try

to storm the village of Ezbat al-Doctor

and lower Palestinian flags.

, [03/06/2022 10:22]


Activists carry pictures of prisoner Ahmed Manasra

as part of a popular campaign in America demanding pressure

on the “Israeli” occupation government to release him (photo)

Press coverage:

“The occupation authorities turned

fatah secretary in Beit Anan

Fayez Hammad area for administrative detention”

Al-Maqdisi Media, [04/06/2022 08:14]

Gaza Strip

The Occupation Army arrests two young men

after crossing the separation wall

from the central Gaza Strip

towards the occupied territories,

and a grenade is allegedly found

in the possession of one of them,

just after midnight last night.”

قوات الاحتلال تفرج عن 4 صيادين اعتقلتهم من بحر شمال قطاع #غزة صباح اليوم أحدهم مصاب في قدمه برصاصة مطاطية.

Al-Maqdisi Media, [04/06/2022 12:43]

The occupation

releases 4 fishermen arrested

from the North Sea

of the Gaza Strip this morning,

one of whom was injured in the foot

by a rubber bullet

Occupation boats fire and surround

a fishing boat in the northern Gaza Strip sea.

Two fishermen from the Bakr family

were hit by rubber bullets

after their boat was surrounded

and attacked by occupation boats,

in the sea of the city of Gaza (shortly)

Gaza strip school girls
#غزة Gaza strip- school girls celebrate Quranic studies with a festive march

In the middle of Hebron
A Palestinian raises a banner
against high prices and high living prices. #الخليل.
In the middle of Hebron
A Palestinian raises a banner
against high prices and high living prices. #الخليل.

| Al-Asir (prisoner) Club:

The Occupation Prisons Department

has been isolating 50-year-old prisoner

Abdullah Barghouti in the cells of Raymond prison

since the end of May.

Abdullah Barghouti
Abdullah Barghouti نادي الأســــ ــير: “الاحتلال يعزل الأســــير عبدالله البرغوثي في زنازين معتقل ريمون منذ تاريخ 31 مايو الماضي”

Al-Maqdisi Media, [04/06/2022 19:16]

The political detainee, Zaid Harb,

was transferred from Jericho prison

to the hospital after his health deteriorated,

and he is on strike for the fifth day

without food and water.

Ziaf Harb
Zaid Harb, a Palestinian political prisoner on a hunger strike

Marches & Clashes in the Occupied Palestinian territories 30/05/2022



under the protection

of the occupation army,

attack Palestinian shops

and vehicles in the town of Al-Funduq,

east of Qalqilya
The occupation forces stormed the town of Tekoa,

southeast of Bethlehem, and clashes erupted.

Tuqua Tekoa 30/05/2022 Israeli army

عاجل| قوات الاحتلال تقتحم بلدة تقوع جنوب شرق بيت لحم واندلاع مواجهات.

מקורות לעיתונות: מתנחלים, בחסות צבא הכיבוש,

תוקפים חנויות וכלי רכב פלסטיניים בעיירה אל-פונדוק, מזרחית לקלקיליה.

town of Al-Funduq, east of Qalqilya 30/05/2022

Settlers march

from the Settlement

of Kiryat Arba towards

The Jaber neighborhood of


Israeli flag march ‘crossed all red lines’

30 May 2022 ,Al- Jazeera

Mohammed Shtayyeh describes attacks by far-rights Israelis

against Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem as ‘aggression’.

Palestinian march in several locations of the west bank in protest of the opression of the Israeli day of Jerusalem
Palestinian march in several locations of the west bank in protest of the opression of the Israeli day of Jerusalem

“A Palestinian beats

a settler who attacked a

Palestinian woman with pepper gas

The last one is north of Ramallah.

6 shootings within hours

A Palestinian worker

was wounded by Israeli gunfire

as he tried to cross a hole

in the separation wall near

the Taybeh checkpoint

west of Tulkarem

this morning.

Three female teachers

injured in an accident

between an Israeli occupation forces vehicle

and a Palestinian public transport

vehicle near the

Beit Furik checkpoint

east of Nablus.

“Settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque.|

“The occupying forces

arrest a young man after beating him

on the main street of the

town of Hawara,

south of Nablus.”

3 months after the prisoner

Khalil Awada strike

and the occupation

is being entrusted with it to exhaust it

Israeli occupation forces close

a water well near

the village of Ras Attia,

south of Qalqilya.

Settlers attack a school

in the village of Orif, south of Nablus.

Reporter Elias Karam:

“The march of flags is rude and provocative,

it reflects a degenerate culture of settlers,

and the picture alone speaks.”

march in support of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem
Araba town marches in support and solidarity with occupied Jerusalem 30/05/2022

“Clashes, marches and events

in Jenin in support of al-Aqsa

and Jerusalem.”

191 points of confrontation

and the injury of 19 Israelis in one day

in the West Bank and Jerusalem

A vigil at Birzeit University

in support of prisoners

on hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

#Live.. A stand in front

of the Municipality of Hebron

condemning the occupation attacks on Jerusalem.

“Settlers burn farmers’ lands in Burin,

south of Nablus.”

Attacks by settlers and the occupation forces

on the lands of citizens in the town of Burin

and Madama, south of Nablus.

settlers burn the fields of Burin village 30/05/2022

מאג'ד אבו סאבע
Majd Abu Asab

Local sources: The occupation postpones the trial

of the young Jerusalemite Majd Abu Asab until the seventh of next July

מקורות מקומיים: הכיבוש דוחה את משפטו של הצעיר הירושלמי מג’ד אבו עסב ל-7 ביולי הבא

🔸 We demand Washington to remove

the Palestine Liberation Organization

from its terrorist lists and consider

it a partner in international peace

“Israel” needed 40 thousand settlers

and 3 thousand police

to raise its flag in the streets of Jerusalem,

and it could not subdue our people.

Iranian President:

The presence of foreign forces

in the region will not bring peace,

but rather dialogue between all parties.

“Settlers attack the Urif Secondary School

south of Nablus,

and surround the teachers inside,

while tear gas canisters are fired.”

The Red Crescent:

The outcome of the confrontations in the town of Urif…

Injury with bullet fragments, 4 cases of gas suffocation

and injury as a result of falling

Ahmed Al-Karaki
Ahmed Al-Karaki אחמד אל קארקי מן הכפר א-טור מזרח ירושלים

The occupation authorities

postpone the trial

of the Jerusalemite prisoner

Ahmed Al-Karaki from

the town of A-Tor until 6/8/ 2022

An explosive device detonated by the Israeli army at Soura checkpoint, west of Nablus.

asslan khlalil soura checkpoint south of nablus
Asslan Khalil on twitter 30/05/2022

Clashes erupted between young men

and the occupation forces in the Al-Kasara area,

south of Hebron. אל-מאקדסי

Local sources: Clashes erupt between young men

and the occupation forces in Madama village, south of Nablus.

Violence flares in West Bank

day after controversial

march of

Jerusalem Day

A number of fires, some suspected as arson,

endangered Jewish settlements

in Samaria and Gush Etzion,

while Jews reportedly attacked Palestinians

in a town near Nablus.

By JERUSALEM POST STAFF ,Published: MAY 30, 2022 11:41

Dozens of Settlers March

Toward Evacuated West Bank Outpost

Israeli army forces

have been deployed in the northern West Bank

to prevent the settles from reaching Homesh

Hagar Shezaf

May. 28, 2022

مصادر صحفية: “لحظة تفجير قوات الاحتلال لعبوة ناسفة جنوب غربي مدينة نابلس مساء اليوم”

⭕️ محافظ القدس: حكومة الاحتلال تقلص دور الأوقاف الأردنية المشرفة على المسجد الأقصى وتمنع ترميم أجزاء واسعة منه.

👈حكومة بينيت أرادت بمسيرة الأعلام إيهام المجتمع الدولي بسيطرتها على الأوضاع في القدس.

👈 سياسة إسرائيل المتطرفة قد تقود المنطقة إلى “حرب ديني

اندلاع مواجهات بين شبان وقوات الاحتلال في قرية مادما جنوب نابلس.

הכוחות הלאומיים והאסלאמיים

קוראים לחרם מקיף על הכיבוש

מה שקרה אתמול

Quds news network, 30.05.2022

בעיר הכבושה ירושלים

היה ניסיון של הממשלה הכובשת

לגרור את האזור למלחמת דת

וניסיון לכפות עובדות בשטח.

“חשוב להפוך את מצב האחדות הלאומית

בשטח המגולם על ידי עמנו

אל מול הכיבוש

כדי לפתוח בדיאלוג לאומי מקיף

שיחזיר ויחזק את אחדותנו הלאומית

וישים קץ לפילוג,

במיוחד לאור סגירת האופק הפוליטי

וחשיבות יישום החלטות

המועצה הלאומית והמרכזית

על ידי סילוק הסכמים עם הכיבוש,

ביטול ההכרה והטלת האחריות

על הקהילה הבינלאומית

ליישום החלטות הלגיטימיות הבינלאומית

והמשפט הבינלאומי”

, הדגישו הכוחות.

היה חשוב לבנות על ההתנגדות והמאבק של עמנו

להתקדם במאבק לשחרור ולעצמאות

ולהבטיח את שאר זכויות עמנו.

“עמדת ארה”ב מכסה את פשעי הכיבוש המחריפים,

ומציינת את החשיבות

של העלאת עמדות כלפי דם פלסטיני מדמם

על ידי הטלת חרם מקיף על הכיבוש

והעמדתו לדין בגין פשעיו נגד עמנו,

במיוחד בפני בית הדין הפלילי הבינלאומי”,

אמרו הכוחות.

“הגיעה העת להאיץ את המנגנונים

להעמדה לדין על הכיבוש בגין פשעיו המסלימים,

כמו גם את מה שנדרש כדי לספק הגנה בינלאומית לעמנו

וליישם החלטות של לגיטימציה בינלאומית ומשפט בינלאומי

במטרה לשים קץ לכיבוש ולקולוניאליזם

ולגישתם של בני עמנו לחופשם ולעצמאותם”.

הכוחות הצביעו

על החשיבות של היצמדות נחרצת

לאחדות הייצוג הפלסטיני של הארגון

ולהחלטה הלאומית הפלסטינית העצמאית

ועל החשיבות של הפעלת מוסדות הארגון

והצטרפות לכל מי שנמצא בתוכו

על בסיס דיאלוג ואחדות

ותוכנית המאבק והמאבק לחירות ולעצמאות.

مسيرات استفزازية للمستوطنين بالضفة وسط اعتداءات على المواطنين

Beit Safafa, Jerusalem: demolition of Al-Jawda family home

palestinian media

הרס בית משפחת ג’אוודה בכפר בית צפאפה, ירושלים

The demolition of Al-Jawda family home at Beit Safafa, West Jerusalem
Beit Safafa west Jerusalem
Beit Safafa home demolition, west Jerusalem , by Wafa images

Israeli bulldozers demolish two-storey building in Jerusalem-district town

May 25, 2022 (WAFA) –

The Israeli occupation authorities

today demolished

a two-storey Palestinian building

in Beit Safafa town,

south of Jerusalem,

according to

Beit Safafa

 (Arabic: بيت صفافا,

  בית צפפה

House of the summer-houses

or narrow benches”[1])

is a Palestinian town

along the Green Line,

with the vast majority

of its territory in 

East Jerusalem 

and some northern parts


 West Jerusalem.[2][3]

Since the

 1949 agreements,

the neighborhood had been

divided by the Green Line.

Until 1967,

the East Jerusalem

part remained under

 Jordanian rule 

while the northern parts became

under Israeli rule.[4] 

beit safafa map
Beit Safafa Map מפת בית צפאפה
Clashes between local youth and the Israeli army at Hawara checkpoint, Nablus district

Clashes erupt between young men

and the occupation forces,

which stormed the town of Silwad,

east of Ramallah.

The occupation forces shot

a young man near the Hawara checkpoint,

עימותים פרצו בין

צעירים לכוחות הכיבוש,

שהסתערו על העיירה סילוואד,

מזרחית לרמאללה.

Palestinian sustain shrapnel

injury from

Israeli military gunfire

south of Nablus

NABLUS, Wednesday

, May 25, 2022 (WAFA)

חיילי האפרטהייד בחווארה

אזרח פלסטיני נפגע מירי של חיילי הצבא הישראלי

בעימותים מדרום לשכם

כוחות הכיבוש ירו

בצעיר סמוך

למחסום חווארה,

דרומית לשכם,

Clashes ebrupted in

the town of Silwad,

east of Ramallah between

the Israeli army

and local Palestinian youth

עימותים בפשיטה של הצבא על הכפר סילוואד بلدة سلواد شرق رام الله

Peace Now:

In a major land grab scheme,

Israel declares 22,000 dunums of land

south of Jericho as nature reserve

25/05/2022 -דיווח סוכנות סאפה בעברית

Haled Loutfi Samhan,

14 years old of age

Haled Loutfi Samhan,

a fourteen years old Palestinan minor

was injured

and arrested by the Israeli army

at Ras Qarqar village

חאלד לוטפי סמחאן בן ארבע עשרה

נפצע בעימותים

עם הצבא הישראלי

בכפר ראס כרכר , נפת רמאללה

עימותים אשר אירעו מוקדם יותר השבוע

חאלד מאושפז כעת בבית חולים

חאלד לוטפי סאמחן
Haled Loutfi Samhan, 14 years old of age חאלד לוטפי סמחאן אשר נפצע בעימותים עם הצבא הישראלי בכפר ראס כרכר

قوات الاحتلال تطلق النار على أحد الشبان

قرب حاجز حوارة

جنوب مدينة نابلس

دون معرفة الأسباب،

وتغلق الحاجز.

Shalom from Iran



האשטג שמחבר בין ישראל לאיראן

The last friday of the Ramadan

is also known as the iranian

“rouze Quds

“- Jerusalem day.

The iranian regime attempted

to promote

( make a hashtag trend on twitter)

a hashtag dedicated to hate of Israel,

using paid accounts and bots

but Iranian net activists took to twitter

to protest

the regime’s anti Israeli rhetoric

and in order to

send their best love

and wishes for Israel .

Thousands of twits promoting peace

of Iranians & Israelis were posted online,

I chose a selected few to share.

Selected #shalomfromIran twits

This hashtag is for you- my dear friend 22.05.2022
@ ForEveryBdy 22/05/2020 “Rouz Quds” – day on twitter

על האיראנים


סולידריות עם ישראל

נועה אקסינר

שיחה עם שרונה אבגינסאז,

מנהלת המדיה הדיגיטלית

בפרסית של משרד החוץ,

שמספרת על המשתמשים האיראניים

שמתנגדים לשלטון בטוויטר .  

מאת סורנה – שלום מאיראן, פעילי רשת איראנים בקמפיין של ידידות כלפי ישראל
The bond and friendship between Iran and Israel go back as far as the days of Esther and Xarkases and we are loyal to our anscetors heritage @ beghol63
Peace with Israel 23/05/2020

“- רוצים שלום עם ישאל ,המשטר האכזרי והמרושע לא מייצג אותנו”

Mojgan @ mimji

@ MahSal1398 : ” I am wishing the people of Israel good health”, hoping for an Iran & Israel renewed friendship

“we can work togather to promote peace in the Middle East (Hebrew)”
בכתב יד, על מנת להימנע משיבושים

@ Azadah10 ” המשטר הוא לא איראני”

“אנחנו מתנגדים לגסטאפו של סאייד עלי ח’מנהאי המנהיג הרוחני העליון של איראן”

22/05/2022 , by the twitter user @ Azadah 10

@ Bita2018 האיראנים זוכרים את ימי המלך כורש הגדול תקופה של שלום ושגשוג בין העמים

פורסם על ידי Bita2018 בפרסית
@ saltiti on twitter
@ HyperactiveNeuron – ” Doroud Bar Israil” המשתמש- “נוירון היפראקטיבי בפרסית, קדימה ישראל

MESA & SAR protest new Israeli directives on Int’ls travel to the west Bank

About Israel’s directives

A vast number of protocols

and procedures issued

by Israel’s Coordinator

of Government Activities

in the Territories


govern the lives of people living

in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Among other things,

these protocols and procedures

regulate movement

of people and access for goods

. They determine, for example,

the criteria one needs

to meet in order to

request a permit to visit a sick relative,

attend a family celebration,

relocate, take up academic studies,

participate in professional training,

or to receive a permit to work in Israel,

import and export goods

and much, much more.

The great volume of procedures

is indicative of Israel’s ongoing

and extensive control over

the lives of Palestinians in

Gaza and the West Bank.

SAR logo
scholars at risk network- protection, advocacy and learning (logo)

Protect and promote

international academic travel

to the West Bank
Posted April 27, 2022

SAR has issued the below letter

expressing concern over

an Israeli government directive 

that will severely restrict

international scholars’

and students’ travel

to and work in the West Bank.

Set to go into effect in May 2022,

the directive would endanger

both Palestinian

and international scholars’

and students’ meaningful enjoyment

of academic freedom,

the right to education

, and the benefits of science.

SAR’s letter to the Israeli prime minister Naftali Benett asking to rescind the new directive (screenshot)

Scholars at Risk (SAR)

SAR (scholars at risk)

is an international network

of more than

600 higher education institutions

in 42 countries dedicated

to protecting the human rights

of scholars around the world,

and to raising awareness,

understanding of,

and respect for the principles

of academic freedom

and its constituent freedoms

of expression

, opinion, thought

, association, and travel

. In cases like this,

involving alleged infringement

of these freedoms,

SAR investigates,

hoping to clarify

and resolve matters favorably.

CAF- committee on Academic freedom of MESA
CAF- MESA’S committee on academic freedom


Letter is protesting

the new Israel

Government directive


selection of

international scholars

and students

to teach and study

in Palestinian Universities


MESA was founded in 1966

to promote scholarship and teaching

on the Middle East

and North Africa.

The preeminent organization

in the field,


(The middle East studies association)


the International Journal

of Middle East Studies

and has nearly

2800 members worldwide.


is committed to


academic freedom of expression,

both within the region

and in connection

with the study of the region

in North America and elsewhere.

דיווחי סוכנויות הידיעות הפלסטיניות 14.05


Palestinian news agencies report 14/05/2022

הלוויתה של שירין אבו עאקלה- אנטומיה של חרפה מאת אורן זיו 14.05.2022 #شيرين_أبوعاقلة

@ shirien creates
 #شيرين_أبوعاقلة עלי סאמודי
העיתונאי עלי סאמודי אשר נפצע ביחד עם שירין מבקר בבית המנוחה Sherine_Abu Aqleh #شيرين_أبوعاقلة

Goodbye #شيرين_أبوعاقلة

صورة | صورة | الصحفيان على السمودي وشذا حنايشة في مكان ارتقاء الشهيدة #شيرين_أبوعاقلة اللذان كانا برفقتها لحظة الاغتيال. الصحفيان على السمودي وشذا حنايشة في مكان ارتقاء الشهيدة #شيرين_أبوعاقلة اللذان كانا برفقتها لحظة الاغتيال.

ناشطون على وسائل التواصل يشبهون جنازة الصحفية #شيرين_أبو_عاقلة بلوحة الفنان سليمان منصور وكأنها نبوءة قد تحققت
ناشطون على وسائل التواصل يشبهون جنازة الصحفية #شيرينأبوعاقلة بلوحة الفنان سليمان منصور وكأنها نبوءة قد تحققت

Pictures| From the house of Al-Maqdisi Faraj Dabash, which the occupation forced him to demolish, where he shelters him, his wife and three of his children, the eldest of whom is 11 years old

תמונות| מבית פרג’ דבש, שהכיבוש אילץ אותו להרוס, שם גרו אשתו ושלושת ילדיו, שהבכור שבהם בן 11

תמונות מהריסות ביתו של תושב ירושלים פראג’ דבאש 13.05.2022 Al-Qastal news
تغطية صحفية : “الشاب المقدسي فرج دبش من بلد. صور باهر يباشر هدم منزله بقرار من سلطات الاحتلال”
فلسطين #القدس

“רשויות הכיבוש מוסרות למשפחתו של השהיד וליד א-שריף זימון לחקירה היום בשלוש בלילה”.

Press coverage: “The occupation authorities hand over the family of the martyr Walid Al-Sharif a summons for interrogation today at three in the evening.”

Waleed Sharif arrested & injured at Al-Aqsa mosque compound during Ramadan 2022 riots

صور |بدء موسم حصاد القمح في قطاع #غزة..

קציר חיטים ברצועת עזה 14.05.2022

مزرعة: راضي أبو ريدة في بلدة خزاعة

“The Palestinian flags fly in the city of #Lyd during a demonstration marking the first anniversary of the endowment of dignity.”

تغطية صحفية: “الاعلام الفلسطينية ترفرف في مدينة #اللد خلال تظاهرة في الذكرى الأولى لهبة الكرامة”.

סיקור עיתונאי: “דגלי פלסטין מתנוססים בעיר לוד במהלך הפגנה לציון יום השנה הראשון “.

“כוחות הכיבוש מטילים הגבלות על תושבי דרך באב אל-אסבת בירושלים הכבושה”.

Press coverage: “The occupation forces impose violations on the residents of Bab Al-Asbat Road in occupied Jerusalem.”

تغطية صحفية : “قوات الاحتلال تفرض مخالفات على الأهالي في طريق باب الأسباط بالقدس المحتلة”

חברון- מתנחלים ישראלים השתלטו על בניין פלסטיני חדש בחברון

settlers take over a new house in Hebron Al-Khalil

Commemoration of the Naqba at Damoun village

טקס לציון יום הנכאבה נערך בכפר א-דאמון

من فعالية إحياء ذكرى النكبة في قرية الدامون مساء أمس.

New Press reporter: The occupation army opened fire at a young man at the Shuafat checkpoint in occupied Jerusalem, and confrontations erupted in the place.

כתב עיתונות חדשה: צבא הכיבוש פתח באש לעבר צעיר במחסום שועפט בירושלים הכבושה, ובמקום פרצו עימותים.

עימותים פרצו במחנה פליטים שועפאט, מזרח ירושלים

مراسل نيو برس: جيش الإحتلال أطلق النار تجاه شاب على حاجز شعفاط بالقدس المحتلة، واندلاع مواجهات في المكان.
فيديو| اندلاع مواجهات عنيفة بين قوات الاحتلال والشبان في مخيم شعفاط بالقدس

דיווחי סוכנויות הידיעות הפלסטיניות 12.05.2022

דיווחי סוכנויות הידיעות הפלס

Palestinian news agencies report 12/05/2022

דיווחי סוכנויות הידיעות הפלסטיניות מתורגמים, לייב בלוג , עדכונים ודיווחים שוטפים מהשטחים הכבושים

Local sources: An Israeli special force has arrested the young Haitham Abu Al-Rub from the town of Qabatiya in Jenin.

מקורות מקומיים: כוח מיוחד ישראלי עצר את הצעיר האית’ם אבו אלרוב מהעיירה קבאטיה בג’נין.

פלסטין ירושלים

מקורות מקומיים: “כוחות הכיבוש הסתערו היום עם עלות השחר על העיירה סילוואן, ופתחו במסע מעצרים נגד מספר צעירים שם”.

דיווחי סוכנויות הידיעות הפלסטיניות 12.05.2022
silwan village East Jerusalem

Press coverage: “From the occupation forces stormed the town of #Al-Isawiya in occupied #Jerusalem last night”

סיקור עיתונאי: “מכוחות הכיבוש הסתערו אמש על העיירה #אל-עיסאוויה בירושלים הכבושה”

דיווחי סוכנויות הידיעות הפלסטיניות 12.05.2022

דיווחי סוכנויות הידיעות הפלסטיניות 11.05.2022

Press coverage: “A part of the occupation forces storming the Bedouin town, northwest of Jerusalem, at this time.”

סיקור עיתונאי: “חלק מכוחות הכיבוש מסתערים בשעה זו על העיירה הבדואית, מצפון-מערב לירושלים”.

Press coverage: “Ateret Cohenim Association seizes a new house in Al-Tur, Jerusalem, after it was leaked”

סיקור עיתונאי: “עמותת עטרת כהנים משתלטת על בית חדש באל-טור בירושלים לאחר הדלפה”

تغطية صحفية: “جمعية “عطيرت كوهنيم” تستولي على منزل جديد في بلدة الطور بالقدس بعد تسريبه”
فلسطين #القدس

Occupation bulldozers demolish the house of Al-Maqdisi Ahmed Nidal Barghout in the town of Al-Walajah, west of occupied Jerusalem

ראה| דחפורי כיבוש הורסים את ביתו של אלמקדסי אחמד נידאל ברגוט בעיירה אל ולאג’ה, ממערב לירושלים הכבושה.

جرافات الاحتلال تهدم منزل المقدسي أحمد نضال برغوث في بلدة الولجة غرب القدس المحتلة

تغطية صحفية: “وقفة أمام مكتب قناة الجزيرة في عمان تنديداً باغتيال الاحتلال للصحفية #شيرينأبوعاقلة في مخيم جنين”.

פרידה מהעיתונאית שירין אבו עקלה במשרדה של אל ג’זירה ברמאללה.

Farewell to journalist Shirin Abu Aqleh at Al Jazeera’s office in Ramallah.


בית עולה בסילוואן, ירי גאז מדמיע

The home of freed Makdasi prisoner Ahmad Sabri Abu Diab on fire

סיקור עיתונאי:

הבית שנשרף

מפצצות גז מדמיע

שירו כוחות הכיבוש

שייך לאלמקדסי

והאסיר המשוחרר אחמד סברי אבו דיאב”

شاهد | قوات الاحتلال تقتحم حي بئر أيوب ببلدة #سلوان في #القدس المحتلة.

כפר סילוואן מזרח ירושלים

Silwan village East Jerusalem home of freed makedasy (Jerusalemite) freed prisoner on fire, result of shooting of tear gas canisters by the Israeli army

Occupation forces stormed Bir Ayoub neighborhood in Silwan, occupied Jerusalem.

Al-Qastal news Silwan סילוואן מזרח ירושלים

تغطية صحفية: “المنزل الذي احترق جراء قنابل الغاز التي أطلقتها قوات الاحتلال في #سلوان يعود للمقدسي والأســـــير المحرر أحمد صبري أبو ذياب”

סילוואן מזרח ירושלים אל-קסטל silwan East Jerusalem Al Qastal news