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The Jewish Brotherhood marches in Hebron

Palestinian Girl, 17, Wounded in Stone-hurling, IDF Says Soldier Attacked as Thousands of Jews Descend on Hebron

The Israeli army closed off a significantly larger area this year than in previous years to allow settlers to march in Hebron during an annual Jewish pilgrimage, a Palestinian activist said

The extremist settlers smashed windows, hurled rocks,

and attacked Palestinians for two consecutive days without the Israeli army stopping.

This comes at the heels of Israel’s inauguration of a far-right government.

Avner Gvaryahu, co-director of the Breaking the silence organization,

wrote on Twitter

about the last weekend’s pogrom in Hebron Al- Khalil:

I’m ashamed to see these images coming out of Hebron,

and I have no doubt this is what the new Kahanist government will amplify.

There comes a time when silence is betrayal.

Journalist Israel Frei posted a video of settlers marching toward-

the Shalala neighborhood

at Hebron Al Khalil, chanting- A Jew is a precious soul; Arabs are Bastards.

In Hebrew- יהודי זה נשמה, ערבי זה בן זונה

settlers  march in Hebron, photo by Ashraf Abu Amra

Photo credit- Ashraf Abu Amra. The settlers’ march at Hebron. 19/11/2022

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Far-right lawmaker’s guards get into an altercation during pilgrimage events in West Bank city; separately,

settlers throw stones at a Palestinian home nearby.

Originally published in The Times of Israel. 19/11/2022

Initially twitted by Asslan Khalil on Twitter- more from The Jewish brotherhood

Itamar Ben Gvir supporters attacked a Palestinian cultural seminar in Haifa

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