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The Jewish brotherhood

Hananel Dorfman

Hanamel Dorfman negotiates with Netanyahu on behalf

of Otzma Yehudit Party, a Jewish brother.

He is also a supporter of Jewish terrorism, and he raised money for the murderers of Mouhamad Abu Khdeir and for Jack Taitel, who killed two Palestinians.

Dorfman also raised money for Amiram Ben Oliel, a Jewish terrorist who murdered a Palestinian family – a mother, a father, and their baby and critically wounded their four years old son.

Hanemael Dorfman works as a fundraiser for “Shlom Asiraich

” , an organization dedicated to the legal defense of Jewish terrorists.

The news of his prominent role in the negotiations to form a new government sparked outrage among the left. This was also reported by channel 13.

original post about Hanamael Dorfman by Mehazkim on Facebook

Twelve years old Mouhamad Al- Alami was killed by Israeli soldiers at his home village, Beit Oumar. Mouhamad loved space and dreamed of working in NASA.

Btselem, an Israeli human rights organization,

published a video documenting the killing of Mouhamad, arguing that the soldiers who shot him acted without discretion and their lives weren’t in danger.

Mouhamad Al Alami

Fella Rasmi Al- Masalama, she was 16 years old.

Israeli soldiers shot her dead as well.

She is the last of 129 Palestinian casualties since the beginning of this year.

Palestinian lives don’t matter much under the Israeli occupation, and a far right-wing government could mean an open season in the West Bank.

Fela Rasmi Al Masala
za'atara square

Asslan Khalil reported on Twitter about several settler attacks in recent days.

Here in this picture, you can see settlers hurling rocks at Palestinians at Za’atara square.

מתנחלים חיבלו בכלי רכב פלסטיניים בכפר עזון מזרחית לקלקיליה

Settlers vandalized Palestinian vehicles in the town of Azoun, East of Qalqilya.

ועוד: "מתנחלים תוקפים משאית של חקלאי פלסטיני מטול כרם ומשמידים את תכולתה ".

Settlers attacked a truck belonging to a Palestinian farmer, destroying all the goods he had on it.

Hawara, settler attack

Last night settlers blocked a road in the town of Hawara and, once again, threw rocks at Palestinian vehicles.

The “Jewish Brothers” raise their heads and become bolder in their attacks on Palestinians, knowing they have friends such as Hanamel Dorfman at the “high windows”- at the Knesset.

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