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  • Weapons of mass destruction

    Weapons of mass destruction

    Growing up in a world full of weapons of mass destruction deeply affected me, I wonder how many others feel the same

Weapons of mass destruction

I have nightmares of war almost every night,
but I grew to anticipate them, even to like them with time.
The nightmares show me what I’m terrified of, war, the final battle,
the war that will end all other wars that will lead to extinction.
In my dream, I often watch one of the last groups of survivors
fighting against the destruction of humankind,
attempting to stop the bomb from exploding but to no avail.
At other times I’m trapped along with them in burning towers,
cities, or tunnels that crumble to dust while we are all helpless.
I grew to like the feeling of relief,
to wake up and see that the world still exists.

The war isn’t real; it is only a bad dream.

The worries I experienced during the daytime resolved themselves when I slept.

Growing up in a world with weapons of mass destruction
was an experience that deeply affected me.

The weapons followed me day and night
as if they were already targeted and aimed at me.
Found their way into my subconsciousness
It was an inner or outer war that I was afraid of.
Perhaps the war I fear is internal,
a battle between different parts of me
that tears me apart.
These nightmares could be about my inner conflict,
my battle against self-destruction,
something to discuss in therapy.
Something personal that has no political significance.
There is another possibility-

these nightmares are actual prophecies,
a glimpse into a possible dark future, a call to action in real life.
Maybe others are dreaming such dreams; many people
might experience similar nightmares,

and they don’t necessarily share them.
After the elections, in recent days,

I have wanted to sleep all the time.
So I can see the war come true in my dreams.

The results of the fifth election in Israel feel unreal,

but also as if we got one step closer to the war.

weapons in an inner war

Americans’ nuclear fears surge to highest levels since Cold War

BY DANIEL DE VISÉ – 10/14/22 (The Hill)

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