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Itamar Ben Gvir Rise to power

Itamar Ben Gvir is a politician for the age of Instagram.

The Israelis prefer their agenda at a hashtag level-

and what could be more simplistic than brutal power?

Power is not difficult to understand, so the young generation

find his figure relatable, he speaks their language,

he doesn’t confuse them with complexities,

with ethics or empathy for the other side.

The world Itamar Ben Gvir visions is a world of war,

between good and evil, light and dark.

The Jewish people have a special role in the global war ,

the Jews are the chosen people,

carriers of the divine light,

while all the gentiles are aligned with the darkness,

and don’t have actual souls.

The demonization of the Palestinians serves an agenda,

We are commanded by God to purify the land from their filthy presence,

and eradicate those who resist us.

It is difficult to believe that young people

with access to social media can give

in to such radical ideas.

I believe that the young generation is lacking in literacy,

Despite the free access that they have to all the information in the world,

Young Israelis seem to give in to the worst ideas about Jewish supremacism.

Many have had bad experiences with Palestinians,

so have encountered terror from a short distance,

Others fought in the army & changed for good.

As people, we need therapy to overcome the many years of fear and trauma,

We need to promote literacy- use the language to speak of our lived experiences

Rather than suppress them, we are all bleeding history on this land.

Recovery is a process that is crucial for a society in which the violent one prevails.

People resort to violence as they are denied their right to be heard.

The less we speak with words, the more we violent we become,

but we can’t speak if we don’t have the vocabulary

and we are unaware of language as a means to express our feelings.

itamar Ben Gvir

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