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over a hundred of settlers attacks within less than 10 days

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risala news agency screen shot the attck on bourin and hawwara villages
צילום מסך מחשבון הטוויטר של סוכנות הידיעות ריסאלה

I feel that the attack on my friend hurts more than taking a beating myself.

They hurt someone I love. It hurts me.

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory is unlawful under international law due to its permanence and the Israeli government’s de facto annexation policies, an UN-appointed Commission of Inquiry said in its first report, published on Thursday.

Risala news agencies reported that settlers accompanied by soldiers attacked Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest near the villages of Bourin and Hawwara, south of the Nablus district, Occupied Palestinian territories.

The settlers reportedly invaded the houses of Hawwara and threw rocks at people. Two Palestinians were injured in the alleged attack. The settlers stole olives and destroyed the olive trees.

סוכנות הידיעות ריסאלה דיווחה בטוויטר כי אמש בגדה המערבית, באיזור הכפרים הפלסטיניים בורין וחווארה, דרומית לעיר שכם – אתמול בעת מסיק של חקלאי מבורין, בקרבת המאחז “גבעת רונן” ירדו מתנחלים בחסות חיילי הכיבוש ותקפו את המוסקים בנוסף גנבו זיתים והרסו עצי זית.

שני פצועים פלסטינים פונו לקבלת טיפול.

risala news agency screenshot hawwara settlers
screenshot from risala agency Twitter account-
settlers storm the Palestinian town of Hawara, 21/10/2022

The Twitter user @leibowitzadak wrote about the incident:

“Today, an Israeli soldier accompanied by a settler ordered a Palestinian farmer to leave his own land, based on martial law authority.

The settler then, unprovoked, punched the farmer in the face.

The soldier said there was nothing to do—he lacked the authority to arrest him.”

The user @Mistaclim posted about another incident near Faqin village where soldiers and settlers prevented the farmer from approaching their orchards.

Qafin village is North of Toul Qarem

The video shows Israeli soldiers and settlers using tear gas and beating the farmers.

Over the last ten days, there have been more than 100 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank; most of the attacks have taken place in the northern part, especially in Huwwara town in Nablus.

(@OnlinePalEng on twitter )

The Israeli army and settlers stormed a house in East Jerusalem overnight.
screen capture mistaklim twitter
screenshot from Faqin village, North of Toul Qarem

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