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Settler lynched a 70 years old woman today


masked men committed a lynching over a seventy years old woman named Hagar Gefen,

they attacked her with stones to her head and beat her with batons until she bled

– she is currently in a hospital with broken bones.

Yuval Abraham wrote in a Facebook post.

Yasmin was with Hagar,

An eyewitness to the lynching.

Yuval Abraham posted some of Yasmin’s testimony on Facebook:

The masked men came from a settlement named Ma’ale Amos,

near the small village of Kissan.

Hagar came there accompanied by Israeli and Palestinian volunteers

to attend Palestinian farmers’ olive harvest.

Hagar heard Ibrahim’s orchard because it is near Ma’ale Amos & Ibrahim, an elderly farmer who was afraid to go there alone.

Yasmin was sobbing because she had to leave Hagar there to bleed.

As we approached the farmer’s land it had eight settlers, young boys with batons, cussing us, spreading a chemical substance that poisons the olive trees from growing, they sprayed about 180 trees, knowing the toxic substance would kill them,

extending from the roots of one tree to the trunk of another

The settlers tried to kick us out of the land, but we stayed there,

singing, not talking to them. We tried to help the farmer calm down; he was crying.

Suddenly we saw dozens of them, more than fifty,

all armed and masked; they came down the mountain; some had knives and machetes, their eyes were burning with anger, and they began throwing stones at us. Two had axes.

There were young girls with us, maybe fourteen of age.

Hagar took pictures of everything; she thought they won’t hurt her because she is an Israeli.

They beat the hell out of her, even though she looks old, above fifty. They held her down, and they beat her with batons, and she was screaming; they beat her all over her body, repeatedly, especially on her chest

The beating lasted a long time; she cried as they knocked her down on the rocky ground. Every time we tried to get closer to her,

another group threw stones at us. I saw their knives & axes, and I knew they might stab me. We nearly escaped; I feel so guilty for leaving Hagar there.”

yuval abraham facebook the attack on Hagar Gefen
from Yuval Abraham’s Facebook -I call these people- zionist Bassij

Israeli Settlers Beat 70-year-old Activist, Threaten to Kill Her

Hagar Gefen and another activist were helping Palestinians with an olive harvest south of Bethlehem when they were attacked by settlers

Yael FreidsonYaniv Kubovich

Oct 21, 2022, 3:54 pm IDT retrieved from Haaretz.com

Palestine Project Facebook- Hagar Gefen assault
from Palestine project Facebook
Settlers attack Hagar Gefen
קרדיט: מסתכלים לכיבוש בעיניים

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