Amjad Amini- Mahsa’s father speaks out : more from iran protests 2022

A  group of women in Tehran on September 31

, protesting the killing of #Mehsa_Amini,

set their scarves on fire

in front of a picture of Ali Khamenei,

the leader of the Islamic Republic.

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Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl from Saqzai, was killed on 25 Shahrivar as a result of being assaulted by Irshad patrol agents…

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According to reports received protests have intensified in many Iranian cities in recent hours.

Amjad Amini, the father of #Mehsa_Amini

on  30th of Shahrivar,

Amjad Amini, Mahsa’s father.. is rejecting the preliminary reports of the forensic doctor, once again emphasizing that his daughter had no history of illness and no surgery was performed on her and called them “lies”.|
He reiterated that his daughter was “the only patient who had a cold”

and called the reports published in the media such as Fars and Tasnim about Mahsa Amini fainting several times in the corridor of her workplace “lies”.

‏ تصویر توییت نخست

Reports of Gathering of Iranian government supporters after Friday prayers in Tehran and other cities

A group of participants in Friday prayers in Tehran and several other cities in Iran held demonstrations in support of the police force

and condemning the recent protests in Iran.

The marchers in Tehran chanted slogans such

as “Death to America”, “Death to England”

and “Oh if Khamenei orders jihad”.

Today, #Mohsen_Tavakoli ) Brother #Majid_Tavakoli , the former political prisoner announced his overnight detention.
According to Mr. Tavakli’s brother, during the arrest, the officers confiscated his laptop, mobile phone,

and some of his personal belongings and took them away.
So far, there is no information about the whereabouts

and charges against this citizen

Majid tavakoli
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