30 Of Shahrivar

⚠️ Confirmed: Access to Instagram,

one of the last available social media platforms in

#Iran has been restricted amid

protests over the death of #MahsaAmini;

live metrics show frontends and CDNs

now disrupted on multiple internet providers

From Aleph telegram channel #iranPotests2022
Fromaleph نت locks
Aleph reports on telegram #Iran #IranProtests 21.09.2022

Internet outage, Mahabad
Western Azerbaijan Province

Cellular signal outage, central Tehran.

Aleph (no_itsmyturn):
[Local Report]
Shiraz, Fars Province
19:00 local / 1430Z
Speed throttling
“VPNs are becoming inaccessible one by one”

Local reports:

– Isfahan: Speed Throttling

– Gorgan: Cellular out – ADSL throttling

– Tabriz: Speed Throttling

– Rasht: Signal outage

Cellular outage on MCI

and Irancell networks in Kermanshah,

Kermanshah Province.


GPS jamming,
Karaj, Alborz province,

Talesh city, Gilan Province
#Iran #IranProtests

Gonbad-e Kavus, Golestan Province

Protests are widening, now begun in Ilam, Ilam Province

Gonbad-e Kavus, Golestan Province


Protestors chanting:
“The mullahs have to GTFO”
Amol, Mazandaran Province

Direct fire toward the protestors by the regime forces.
~ Coords:

Hamedan, Hamedan province

Hamedan, Hamedan province

Talesh city, Gilan Province
#Iran #IranProtests

vahid online, 21.09.2022

🤖  @VahidOOnLine (Telegram) 

On Wednesday, a group of protesters in Zanjan chanted

“our enemy is right here, they are lying, it is America”.

Videos received by Iran International show that protesters gathered in
Isfahan chanted “Death to the dictator” and “

The mullah must be lost” they chanted

30th of Shahrivar 1401, 
students of Tehran University of Science and Research
and Semnan University started a rally to protest the death of Mehsa

According to the reports received by HRNA

now the entrance and exit doors of the University of
Research Sciences have been closed by the university agents
and the students were locked inside the university. In these gatherings, the students shouted slogans against

Inmate Executed in Karaj Central Penitentiary- HRNA – Human rights activist agency 

On July 13, 2022, security forces arrested Gharagozlou

after she published a video of herself without a headscarf.

Gharagozlou faced arrests and convictions for her civil activities in 2019.

The Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced Melika Gharagozlou,

a student of journalism at Allameh Tabatabaei University, to four years and four months in prison and additional penalties.

Melika Gharagozlou Sentenced 

Ghonbad, Shahrivar 30 


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