Palestinian news chanels round-up 2-4/06

Ramallah #رام_الله

“Settlers and israeli soldiers raid

the village of Nabi Saleh west

in an attempt to remove

the Palestinian flag in the village.”

A young man was wounded by israeli gunfire

during clashes in the village of Nabi Saleh

, northwest of #رام_الله.

photos | A sit-down in the city of #Ramallah

to demand the return of the bodies of martyrs held by the occupation

صور | وقفة في مدينة #رام_الله للمطالبة باسترداد جثامين الشــ ــهداء المحتجزة لدى الاحتلال

Israeli occupation forces close

the Beit Furik checkpoint east of

Nablus #نابلس.

The occupation re-closes the entrance to the town of Beta south of

#نابلس with fences after it was opened by residents this morning

المقدسي للاعلام, [04/06/2022 17:40]
عاجل | الاحتلال يعيد إغلاق مدخل بلدة بيتا جنوب #نابلس بالسواتر الترابية بعد فتحه من قبل الأهالي صباح اليوم
Beita village, Nablus

Al-Maqdisi for Media, [04/06/2022 18:53]

Press coverage:

“Settlers attack Palestinian farmers

in Deir Nidham village”

شاهد | قوات الاحتلال تعتقل شاباً من باب العامود بـ #القدس الآن

#القدس Jerusalem

“Settlers bulldozing land in the village of Jaloud

, south of Nablus.”

Occupation imposes restrictions on the vehicles

of the residents in Salah al-Din Street

in occupied Jerusalem

Hebrew sources: “Ma’ale Hazitim settlement

in Ras al-Amud neighborhood caught fire

after being targeted with Molotov cocktails”

Occupation hands Jerusalem activist

Mohammed Abu al-Homus

a decision to remove him from al-Aqsa Mosque

for a week to be renewed next week

#Photos | family of the jerusalemite prisoner

al-Maqdisi Mohammed Farawi prepares

to release her son after 8 years

of detention in occupation prisons

Israeli army arrested local Palestinian youth at Bab Al- Amoud, East Jerusalem

Al-Maqdisi for Media, [04/06/2022 17:29]

The occupation forces arrested the young Jerusalemite
, Musab Al-Obeid, after storming and searching his house
on Al-Wad Road in the Old City of #Jerusalem.

Beita village
photo | The effects of the destruction left by
the occupation in the home of the young man,
Musab Al-Obeid, in the Old City of #Jerusalem,
after he was stormed and searched prior to his arrest.

Local sources: Israeli police set up roadblocks

in both directions at Hazma

checkpoint north of Jerusalem

Negev (south of Israel)

Press sources: “The driver Rami Seda’a was released from

Beersheba after being attacked by Israeli police yesterday.”

Press coverage: Israeli forces assault

a young man

during his arrest in the Negev city of Rahat #رهط.

تغطية صحفية: القوات الإسرائيلية تعتدي على شاب أثناء اعتقاله في مدينة #رهط بالنقب.


Citizens clash with Israeli soldiers as settlers try

to storm the village of Ezbat al-Doctor

and lower Palestinian flags.

, [03/06/2022 10:22]


Activists carry pictures of prisoner Ahmed Manasra

as part of a popular campaign in America demanding pressure

on the “Israeli” occupation government to release him (photo)

Press coverage:

“The occupation authorities turned

fatah secretary in Beit Anan

Fayez Hammad area for administrative detention”

Al-Maqdisi Media, [04/06/2022 08:14]

Gaza Strip

The Occupation Army arrests two young men

after crossing the separation wall

from the central Gaza Strip

towards the occupied territories,

and a grenade is allegedly found

in the possession of one of them,

just after midnight last night.”

قوات الاحتلال تفرج عن 4 صيادين اعتقلتهم من بحر شمال قطاع #غزة صباح اليوم أحدهم مصاب في قدمه برصاصة مطاطية.

Al-Maqdisi Media, [04/06/2022 12:43]

The occupation

releases 4 fishermen arrested

from the North Sea

of the Gaza Strip this morning,

one of whom was injured in the foot

by a rubber bullet

Occupation boats fire and surround

a fishing boat in the northern Gaza Strip sea.

Two fishermen from the Bakr family

were hit by rubber bullets

after their boat was surrounded

and attacked by occupation boats,

in the sea of the city of Gaza (shortly)

Gaza strip school girls
#غزة Gaza strip- school girls celebrate Quranic studies with a festive march

In the middle of Hebron
A Palestinian raises a banner
against high prices and high living prices. #الخليل.
In the middle of Hebron
A Palestinian raises a banner
against high prices and high living prices. #الخليل.

| Al-Asir (prisoner) Club:

The Occupation Prisons Department

has been isolating 50-year-old prisoner

Abdullah Barghouti in the cells of Raymond prison

since the end of May.

Abdullah Barghouti
Abdullah Barghouti نادي الأســــ ــير: “الاحتلال يعزل الأســــير عبدالله البرغوثي في زنازين معتقل ريمون منذ تاريخ 31 مايو الماضي”

Al-Maqdisi Media, [04/06/2022 19:16]

The political detainee, Zaid Harb,

was transferred from Jericho prison

to the hospital after his health deteriorated,

and he is on strike for the fifth day

without food and water.

Ziaf Harb
Zaid Harb, a Palestinian political prisoner on a hunger strike

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