Aymen Mouhasin shot dead by the army at Dheisha refugee camp

aimen mouhasin

Four Palestinians have been shot dead by the occupation in the past 24 hours

Aymen Mahmoud Mouhasin , 29

was killed on Thursday morning during a pre-dawn Israeli military raid

on the Dheisheh refugee camp in the southern city of Bethlehem,

according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Young people chanted slogans just before the start

of the funeral of the freed prisoner Aymen Mouhasain in Bethlehem city.

Resistance fighters from the Popular Front attend the funeral

in Dheisheh camp.

 Aymen Mouhasin
Aymen Mouhasin
 Aymen Mouhasin Ghorfan Warasana Bilal Qabaha
The Palestinian guerilla fighters, Ghorfan Warasana, Bilal Qabaha

In an interview. Aymen Mouhasein’s brother said:

: “A sniper killed my brother and executed him in cold blood

during the withdrawal of the occupying forces

from the Dheisheh camp in Bethlehem

Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian during a clash in the

West Bank on Thursday, the third Palestinian killed

in the occupied territory in 24 hours,

the health ministry said.

The violence erupted in the

Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem

, a ministry statement said, identifying the dead man

as Ayman Muhaisen, 29.

He was the third Palestinian killed in 24 hours

after a woman approaching soldiers with a knife

was shot early Wednesday,

and a man was killed in an Israeli raid

in the northern West Bank later that day.

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health:

62 martyrs have been killed by occupation since the beginning of

the year in various parts of the West Bank, including Jerusalem

Yasser Al-Masri, Bilal Qabaha, Ghorfan Warasana, Aymen Mouhasin- 4 Palestinians killed within 24 hours
Yasser Al-Masri, Bilal Qabaha, Ghorfan Warasana, Aymen Mouhasin- 4 Palestinians killed within 24 hours

A Farewell bilal Qabaha,

Bilal was shot by the occupation in the town of Ya’ad, southwest of Jenin yesterday”

Resistance fighters from several Palestinian factions

attended the funeral of a young man, Bilal Qubba,

who was shot dead by the occupation in the town

of Ya’ad, southwest of Jenin.

Bilal’s mother: “Last night I woke up and found him reading Quran.

He said to me, I want to die as a martyr He went out and came back,

and then he went out and came back

, my son is a ransom for Palestine and al-Aqsa.”

The Prisoners’ Affairs Commission


530 Palestinians were arrested by the occupation during the last month.

quds news 530 Palestinian prisoners
Quds news network, 02/06/2022

Administrative detainees boycot

occupation courts

for the 153rd day

Army, Shabak, and border guards

arrested nine Palestinians

from across western bank

during the night and this morning

Prisoners’ Media:

The occupation forces released the child

Ahmed Mahmoud Salim

from the town of Azzun

, east of Qalqilya,

after half a year’s detention

Ahmed Mahmoud Salim
Ahmed Mahmoud Salim

Prisoners’ Affairs Authority:

“We warn of a sudden health setback that could lead

to the killing of prisoner Khalil Awada,

who has been on hunger strike for 92 days in a row.”

father of administrative detainee

Khalil Awada,

Mohammed Awada,

who has been on hunger strike for 92 days:

♦The last news we got was on Wednesday last week

because the visit was banned.

♦After the Supreme Court decided

to transfer him to a civilian hospital,

the Prison Service transferred him only half an hour

and returned him to Ramla prison clinic.

♦The last solidarity event with him at the Ibn Rushd

roundabout in Hebron was attended by 15 people

, including journalists who attended the coverage.

♦ I have not been contacted by any official

in the authority or factions.

I do not want them to visit me to pay tribute

in the event of Khalil’s martyrdom.

Raed Ryan,

27, from Jerusalem, continues his open hunger strike

for the 57th consecutive day to protest

the renewal of his administrative detention.

East Jerusalem

A- Ram village

Israeli bulldozers demolish a gas station and shops near

Abu al-Shahid roundabout

in the town of A-Ram village ,

north of occupied Jerusalem Al-Quds

A ram demolition
صور | آثار الدمار الذي خلفته آليات الاحتلال عقب هدم محطة وقود ومحال تجارية قرب دوار أبو الشـــ ــهيد ببلدة الرام في #القدس وذلك بعد منتصف الليلة الماضية حتى فجر اليوم

Settlers shout racist slogans at Palestinian vehicles

near the Beit El settlement north of Ramallah

22 Palestinian workers injured in a car accident

near the town of Surif in northern Hebron

A solidarity vigil of the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at

Bir Zeit University in solidarity with the prisoners

Settlers storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque this morning.

Shaked launches plan to increase settlement settling

in Galilee and Negev

Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in occupied West Bank

Three Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces

in 24 hours in separate incidents.

Al-Jazeera, 02.06.2022

Israeli troops kill third Palestinian in 24 hours

during West Bank clashes


(Arabic: مخيم الدهيشة) is a Palestinian refugee camp

 located just south of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Al-Ram (Arabic: الرّام),

also transcribed

as Al-RammEl-RamEr-Ram, and A-Ram,

is a Palestinian town

which lies northeast of Jerusalem,

just outside the city’s municipal border.

The village is part

of the built-up urban area of Jerusalem,

the Atarot industrial zone

and Beit Hanina lie to the west,

and Neve Ya’akov borders it on the south..

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