The occupation bulldozers demolishing the house of Abu Riala in Issawia,

Abu riala

The beautiful house became a pile of rubble-

the house of the family of Abu Riala destroyed

for the sixth time in the town of Al-Issawia in Jerusalem

in the pictures, Hatem abu Riala and his family

are raising the Palestinian flag

above the piles of rubble that were left of their home.

The demolished Abu Riala family house is located

in Issawia Occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli bulldozers destroyed it earlier today.

“For the sixth time, they destroyed his house,

and once he fell off the roof while he was sitting on the chair.”

Al-Maqdisi’s mother, Hatem Abu Riala, recounts to Al-Qastal

the attacks by the occupying forces on the residents of the house during its demolition.


Abu Riala family home demolition
Israeli bulldozers demolish Abu-Riala house in Silwan, East Jerusaelem Al-Quds

.من منزل عائلة أبو ريالة المهدم للمرة السادسة في بلدة العيساوية بالقدس

דחפורים ישראלים החלו להרוס את ביתו של אלמקדסי

תושב ירושלים חאתם אבו ריאלה בעיירה עיסאוויה, בירושלים לפני זמן קצר

Abu Riala family Issawia demolition
From the demolition of Abu- Riala home at Issawia village, 01/06/2022

Other reports from the

Palestinian news agencies

on social media

Occupation soldiers suppress

The funeral procession of journalist Ghufran Varasna

as it reached the entrance to Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron.”

Abdul Karim Samreen,

handcuffed and bound in the hospital,

after being brutally assaulted and arrested

during yesterday’s settlers’ attack

on his family in the Wadi Al-Rababa neighborhood

in occupied Jerusalem

University Khedouri

commemoration of Ghofran Varsana

– Al-Aroub branch of Khedoury university

(The Technical university of Palestine )

has decided to suspend work today

in memory of of the martyr journalist

A report of a stone-throwing incident

by Israeli soldiers in Al-Aroub refugee camp

north of Hebron

Ghoufran VaRassana,

who was shot dead this morning by the occupation.

At the town of Baita,

The Israeli army re-closes

the entrance to the town of Baita

south of Nablus,

after residents opened it at night.

מקורות מקומיים: עימותים פורצים

בין כוחות הכיבוש הישראליים

לבין צעירים באזור גדר ההפרדה

שבמחנה פליטים שועפאט #شعفاط בירושלים

מקורות מקומיים: הכוחות הכובשים

סוגרים מחדש את הכניסה לעיירה ביתא

بيتا שמדרום לשכם לאחר שהתושבים

פתחו אותה בפעם השלישית בתוך ימים

The Shuafat camp in occupied Jerusalem.

Clashes broke out

between Israeli forces

and young people

in the Separation Wall area

of East Jerusalem

Israeli forces have also demolished a greenhouse

belonging to the family of Ibrahim Abu Assaa

Abu Assaa family is from the village

of Tel Al-Saba in the Negev

סיקור עיתונאי: כוחות ישראליים הורסים הבוקר חממה אשר שייכת

למשפחתו של אבראהים אבו עסא מהכפר תל אל-סבא #النقب

Their greenhouse was demolished

early this morning today.

The Israeli Occupation bulldozers

have further demolished

some makeshift residential “barracks” belonging to

the Al-Salaymeh family,

The makeshift residential barracks

provided housing for five people

until the Israeli authorities have ordered

to demolish them.

The demolition of Al-Salamaymeh family barracks

at the town of Al-Za’im,east Jerusalem,

in addition to the residential barracks,

the Israeli bulldozers also destroyed

the residential “barracks” of sheep,

according the local sources’s report.

Al-Qastal news

Local sources: The occupying forces distribute 10 notices of suspension of work and construction in the village of Marda, north of Salfit .سلفيت.

סיקור עיתונאי: “הכוחות הכובשים עוצרים כמה צעירים מהעיירה חווארה,

שמדרום לשכם ומדכאים פלסטינים לאחר שהתעמתו עם מתנחלים בעת שהם מסירים דגלי פלסטין”.

מקורות מקומיים: צעיר אלמקדיסי (ירושלמי) חוסיין עיסא שוחרר מהעיירה

בדרישה למעצר בית עד ה-6 בחודש זה וקנס ב-1,000 שקלים



Beit Hanina village, East Jerusalem, 01/06/2022

“A photo of Bilal Kabha,

who died after being shot by the occupation in the town of Yabad.”

Bilal Qabha of Al- Ya’abad village, died in clashes with the Israeli army, 01/06/2022

Urgent| Press coverage: “Renewed armed clashes with the occupation forces in the town of Yabad.”

Urgent| Local sources: “More than 300 soldiers of the occupation forces storm the house of the perpetrator of the Bnei Brak operation, Zia Hamrasheh, in the town of Ya’bad.”

For the Sixth Time,

Israel Razes a Disabled Palestinian’s Home

Gideon Levy & Alex Livak, 04/03/2021

There’s no way for Palestinians

to build legally on their own land in Isawiyah.

Almost all the construction there has been illegal,

but the Jerusalem Municipality has chosen to single out this man

Local sources: A 30-year-old worker was moderately injured after falling from scaffolding at a construction workshop in Petah Tikva, located on the grounds of the village of Malbs.

The demolitions of Abu Riala and Salamiyeh homes, East Jerusalem, 01/06/2022 Al-Qastal news
An Israeli soldier is arresting a girl of ten years old in Hebron – Al Khalil today. The girl was charged with possession of a knife

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