MESA & SAR protest new Israeli directives on Int’ls travel to the west Bank

About Israel’s directives

A vast number of protocols

and procedures issued

by Israel’s Coordinator

of Government Activities

in the Territories


govern the lives of people living

in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Among other things,

these protocols and procedures

regulate movement

of people and access for goods

. They determine, for example,

the criteria one needs

to meet in order to

request a permit to visit a sick relative,

attend a family celebration,

relocate, take up academic studies,

participate in professional training,

or to receive a permit to work in Israel,

import and export goods

and much, much more.

The great volume of procedures

is indicative of Israel’s ongoing

and extensive control over

the lives of Palestinians in

Gaza and the West Bank.

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Protect and promote

international academic travel

to the West Bank
Posted April 27, 2022

SAR has issued the below letter

expressing concern over

an Israeli government directive 

that will severely restrict

international scholars’

and students’ travel

to and work in the West Bank.

Set to go into effect in May 2022,

the directive would endanger

both Palestinian

and international scholars’

and students’ meaningful enjoyment

of academic freedom,

the right to education

, and the benefits of science.

SAR’s letter to the Israeli prime minister Naftali Benett asking to rescind the new directive (screenshot)

Scholars at Risk (SAR)

SAR (scholars at risk)

is an international network

of more than

600 higher education institutions

in 42 countries dedicated

to protecting the human rights

of scholars around the world,

and to raising awareness,

understanding of,

and respect for the principles

of academic freedom

and its constituent freedoms

of expression

, opinion, thought

, association, and travel

. In cases like this,

involving alleged infringement

of these freedoms,

SAR investigates,

hoping to clarify

and resolve matters favorably.

CAF- committee on Academic freedom of MESA
CAF- MESA’S committee on academic freedom


Letter is protesting

the new Israel

Government directive


selection of

international scholars

and students

to teach and study

in Palestinian Universities


MESA was founded in 1966

to promote scholarship and teaching

on the Middle East

and North Africa.

The preeminent organization

in the field,


(The middle East studies association)


the International Journal

of Middle East Studies

and has nearly

2800 members worldwide.


is committed to


academic freedom of expression,

both within the region

and in connection

with the study of the region

in North America and elsewhere.

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