Palestinian news agencies report 17/05


Local sources:

“The young Jerusalemite

Omar Najib,

from the town of Shua’fat

in occupied Jerusalem.

who was arrested by the occupation forces at dawn today,

omar najib of shua'afat neighborhood east jerusalem
שחרורו של עומר נאג’יב משועפאט מזרח ירושלים

Press coverage: “The occupation forces bulldozed land in the town of Shua’fat on the main street in Jerusalem”

تغطية صحفية : “قوات الاحتلال تقوم بتجريف أرض في بلدة شعفاط على الشارع العام بالقدس”

סיקור עיתונאי: “כוחות הכיבוש הורסים אדמות בשכונת שועפאט,

ברחוב הראשי בירושלים”

فلسطين #القدس Home demolition in Shua’afat neighborhood East Jerusalem Al-Quds

The occupation army shoots a Palestinian south of Nablus,

שכם: פלסטיני שניסה לדקור חיילים לכאורה נורה על ידיהם

claiming that he tried to stab a soldier.

Palestine #Nablus

“The arrest of the custodian

of Shirin Abu Akleh”
Jerusalem sources:

“The occupation forces

arrest the young Jerusalemite

Omar Abu Khdeir from the town of


in occupied Jerusalem,

and he is the known person from the famous scene

his photograph captured the moment

he was protecting the coffin

of the late Sherine Abu Aqila

from falling

despite the strikes of the occupation.”

omar abu khdeir from shua'afat arrested
omar abu khdeir from Shua’afat East Jerusalem עומאר אבו ח’דייר משועפאט מזרח ירושלים נעצר היום

Local sources: “Fire shooting targeting the occupation forces

in the vicinity of the Old City of Nablus this morning.”

מקורות מקומיים: ” ירי לעבר כוחות הכיבוש

בסביבת העיר העתיקה בשכם הבוקר”.

Press coverage:

“Occupation forces beat and stick a young man

in front of the Postal Police Station

in occupied Jerusalem.”

Press coverage:

“Occupation forces arrest a young man in front of the Postal Police Station in Jerusalem”

Lawyer Khaled Zabarka:

“The Occupation Court sets a session to consider the request

to extend the solitary confinement

for six months for Ahmed Manasra,

tomorrow, Wednesday,

knowing that solitary confinement poses

a real danger to Manasra’s

psychological and physical integrity.”

Shuafat (Arabic: شعفاط Šuʿafāṭ),

also Shu’fat and Sha’fat,[1]

 is a mostly Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem,

forming part of north-eastern Jerusalem.[2]

 Located on the old Jerusalem–Ramallah road about three miles

north of the Old City,


has a population of 35,000 residents.

Next to the

Shua’fat neighbourhood

there is a refugee camp

 of the same name,

which was established

by King Hussein of Jordan in 1965

to house Palestinian refugees

from the Jerusalem

Lydda, Jaffa, and Ramleh areas,

after the Muascar camp in

the Jewish Quarter

 of the Old City had been closed.[3]


borders Pisgat Ze’ev 

and Beit Hanina on the north,

Shu’fat refugee camp on the east,

 French Hill on the south,

and Ramat Shlomo on the wes

[4][5] Shu’fat is located in the part of the West Bank which

was included in the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem

after its occupation in 1967.

מראה מאוניברסיטת ביר זית ברמאללה

אלמקדסי מדיה, [05/17/2022 12:45]ן]

מקורות בעיתונות:

“אוטובוס שבו נהג מתנחל

ניסה לדרוס הבוקר את הצלם,

ג’עפר שתייה,

בעת שצילם

את האירועים

במחסום חווארה מדרום לשכם”.

The Israeli army

took over Wad- A- Tifrah at the center ofHebron Al-Khalil

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