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  • Save Shahr-e Kord -updated

    Save Shahr-e Kord -updated

    The 7th night of the #IranianProtests Food protests in Iran triggered last week by a sudden hike in prices of essential goods were violently repressed with security forces using lethal force A new wave of nationwide protests was triggered last week by a cut in state subsidies for imported wheat that caused price hikes of…

Save Shahr-e Kord -updated

The 7th night of the #IranianProtests

Food protests in Iran triggered last week by a sudden hike in prices of essential goods were violently repressed with security forces using lethal force

A new wave of nationwide protests was triggered last week by a cut in state subsidies

for imported wheat that caused price hikes of as

much as 300% for a variety of flour-based staples.

The prices of essential goods

including bread, milk, dairy products, eggs, poultry,

and cooking oil have also risen sharply

amid Iran’s 40-percent inflation rate.

The cities of Andimeshk, Dezful, Izeh

, Droud, Shahrekord, Junqan, Yasuj,

and Neishabour were among areas

hit by protests over skyrocketing prices of food staples.

All sectors of Iranian society are

being crushed under soaring inflation,

rampant unemployment, meager wages,

and widespread water shortages

, as well as the Iranian regime’s repressive policies.

Speaking on May 9 on state television,

Raisi pledged that the price of traditional bread,

gasoline, and medicine would remain unchanged.

In order to compensate for the rise in prices,

Raisi said

direct payments

equivalent to approximately $10 or $13

would be disbursed for two months

for each family member

of low-income households

. Later, he said

Iranians will be offered electronic coupons

that would allow them to access

a limited amount of subsidized bread.

Reports suggested that the price of cooking oil

had almost quadrupled since Raisi’s announcement,

while the price of eggs and chicken nearly doubled.

Lethal state violence

against peaceful protests

Following the recent protests in Iran,

the state security forces, and riot police were

dispatched to restive cities to confront the protests.

Though the exact number of people detained during the food protests

in Iran is not known

, reports indicate that hundreds of protesters

, including children, have been arrested.

The detainees are in danger of maltreatment and torture.

#iranprotes 2022 from iran-hrm website


Iran Protesters at Risk

of Lethal State Violence

Under heightened security,

the repressive agents

of Iran’s regime

are beating people

in different parts of



and Bakhtiari Province).

Some sources

report widespread arrests.

against the Islamic Republic’s regime.

originally posted on Vahid online telegram channel 16/05/2022

People protested in

Shahr-e Kord chanting:

Liar Raisi,

Where are your promises to us!?



Attack on protesters

with electric shock by plainclothes force

screenshot 16/05/2022 originally posted by iran-hrm on twitter

הניסיון של אבאן

אומר לנו

שהירי בשחרקורד


וניתוק האינטרנט



להרוג אנשים.

בואו נהיה הקול

של אנשי שחרקורד

Shahr-e Kord protests

#اعتراضات_سراسری May 16 –

@nioscha1 Shahr-e Kord (Persian: شهركرد protests ) May 12, 2022

The protests in #Iran

have spread to Tehran.

In a chant they ask

the Mayor of Tehran to resign.

Published on 12/05/2022

 Ongoing street protests in Iran

could lead

to more killings

and arbitrary imprisonments

by state security forces

now bus drivers are protesting.

@AlinejadMasih wrote on twitter-

This week

regime shut down

the Internet

in many cities

to prevent protests.

But people are still in the streets

& some protesters got killed.

Lethal state crackdown on food protests

in Iran amid internet blackouts

המרכז האיראני לזכויות אדם – טוויטר – צילום מסך Iran center for human rights org

the nationwide gathering

of teachers in Iran

Khuzestan Protests:

Fears of Another Bloody Crackdown


The Center

for Human Rights in Iran

“The Iranian government

has a documented pattern

of using lethal force

to crush protests

while cutting off internet access

in order to prevent the world from

seeing the state’s violence,”

~The CHRI Executive Director

Hadi Ghaemi.

warned in a statement today.

Shahr- e Kord,

South West of #Iran

Iran-HRM on twitter


Security forces

have clashed

with the protesters

and are beating

and arresting them

Dozens were


arrested tonight


Shahr-e Kord.

The detainees are

in danger

of maltreatment & torture.


Iran’s Government Should Respect

—Not Crush—Workers’ Rights

Iran center for human rights amid

Bus drivers join teachers in a strike

heavy presence of security forces in

Tehran and several other cities.

According to

the Coordinating Council

of the Iranian Cultural Teachers


since the early hours of Thursday,

May 12,

security forces

and plainclothes agents

were stationed

in Baharestan Street

, near the Iranian Parliament building.

According to the council,

two protesting teachers,

Massoud Farhikhteh

and Lotfollah Jamshidi

, were arrested at the same time

as the security forces prevented

any gathering.

Social media reports said that

Siamak Sadeghi Chehrazi,

a well-known activist from Ahvaz,

who was present at today’s rally on May 12,

was severely beaten and arrested in front

of the

General Department

of Education of Khuzestan.

The council also reported that

security forces prevented teachers

from gathering and

arrested “more than 50 people.”

Teachers in Iran

have been protesting again

after Iran’s Minister of Education

on Thursday,

May 5, implicitly called

the teachers’ protest rallies “illegal”

and threatened to “expel” the participants.


the Ministry of Intelligence announced

on Wednesday that two nationals

of a “European” country in Iran

had been arrested on charges

of attempting to create “unrest”

and claimed that they were in contact

with the Coordinating Council of the

Iranian Cultural Teachers Associations.

Iranian teachers rallied today in various cities


Amol, Kermanshah,

Marivan, and Sanandaj

to demand the release of detained teachers

and express their economic woes.

Bijar, Saqez, Shahreza, Sardasht,

Ardabil, Rasht, Abdanan

, North Khorasan,

Qazvin, Shiraz,


Fasa, and Karaj

are among the other cities

that witnessed teachers’ gatherings on Thursday.

In most of these rallies,

the teachers chanted slogans calling

for the release of their detained colleagues.

Iranian Teachers Trade Association in Isfahan

reported today

that “Emadi”

, a member of the association

was arrested

by security forces

on Wednesday evening.

The association has also

said that security forces

confiscated his mobile phone

and that they sent “false” messages

to Telegram groups

from his account.

In a statement on May 7,

the Coordinating Council

of the

Iranian Cultural Teachers Associations

announced that teachers

would hold a nationwide rally

on Thursday, May 12

if the detained teachers

were not released.

The statement

came at a time

when at least 11 teachers

and teachers’ union activists

were incarecerated in prison.

Names of the detained teachers

In a report on Monday, May 9,

the Coordinating Council said that

Rasoul Badaghi,

Jafar Ebrahimi,

Mohammad Habibi,

and Ali Akbar Baghani,

the detained teachers,

had been “

severely interrogated in recent days

to accept non-union charges.”


have repeatedly staged large-scale

protest rallies

in dozens of cities over the past year.

May 15, 2022 Iran-Hrm

המשטר של הרפובליקה האסלמית באיראן צריך להגן על זכויות עובדים- המרכז לזכויות אדם באיראן

US expresses support for protestors

Protests continue in Iran,

One video showed

protesters tearing down a banner

featuring Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

,written By TZVI JOFFRE

Published: MAY 16, 2022,

On Jerusalem Post website

הפגנות באיראן מאי 2022-

דיווחים ברשתות החברתיות

Follow Dariush Zand on Instagram

– an Iranian reporter

דאריוש זאנד באינסטגראם עיתונאי איראני אשר מדווח על ההפגנות ברפובליקה האסלמית של איראן

צילום מסך- הדיווחים של העיתונאי האיראני דאריוש זאנד אודות הפגנות ברפובליקה האסלמית של איראן -2022

A recommended account

to follow on Twitter

for updates

חשבון מומלץ בטוויטר אשר מדווח

גם הוא על גל המחאה

ברפובליקה האסלמית של איראן שפרץ בחודש מאי

הקישור דרך נוח פארדד

The account of @1500tasvir_en
I got the Link from my friend, Noah Fardad
this account is English translation of @1500tasvir

About the city of

Shahr e-Kord

or Persian: شهركرد,

(The following was

originally published on wikipedia)

It is the capital city of 


and Bakhtiari Province


It is also the largest city

in the province,

and is 90 km away from

Iran’s third largest city,


Size of the Population

At the time of

the 2006 census,

it had a population

of about 148,464 people

and the Shahr e kord

metropolitan area

had a population of 380,312 people .

אסיר פוליטי ברפובליקה האסלמית של איראן אשר מצב בריאות מעורר דאגה . שמו מוחמד עלי מאנסור פירוז

The Iranian political prisoner

named Mohammad Ali

(Pirooz) Mansouri

has been

denied urgent treatment

and furlough

He has been deprived

of necessary medical care

and of a sick leave.

He has been serving

his 15th year incracerated in

Raja’i Shahr Prison

in the city of Karaj,

near the capital, Tehran

The letter of Iran Mansouri

Mansouri’s daughter,

Iran Mansouri,

wrote a letter to

Javid Rahman,

the Special Rapporteur

on human rights in Iran,

expressing concern

about her father’s condition.

The letter

was also sent

to Amnesty International

and to the

UN Human Rights Council.

Iran Mansouri,

has pleaded for her father’s life.

She wrote in the letter,

“My father

was rushed

to a hospital

in September 2021

due to a heart attack

and he underwent

immediate heart surgery.

He has not been allowed

to temporarily leave the prison

despite the sensitivity

of his heart condition

and despite that

the doctor’s emphasis

was that


could endanger

his health.

Mohammad Ali

(Pirooz) Mansouri has

spent 15 years in prison

and his sentence

will be completed

in less than two months.


it has been claimed in regards

of the reason why

Mohammad Ali

(Pirooz) Mansouri

has been denied furlough

is that it is

because of a second sentence

that has been issued against him

while he was incarecerated in prison.”

“بازداشت همراه یا خشونت یک شهروند معترض در #شهرکرد.

(تاریخ ویدیو مشخص نیست، اما متعلق به اعتراض‌های اخیر است و کسی که فیلم را گرفته می‌گوید شهرکرد است.)
در تصویر نیروهای یگان ویژه دیده می‌شوند که با ضرب و شتم و استفاده از زور یک شهروند را بازداشت می‌کنند.”

“Detention or violence of a protesting citizen in #Shahrekord.”
“In the picture, special forces are seen arresting a citizen by beating and using force.”

IranProtests2022 FSeifikaran 📡 @VahidOnline

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