Doud Zubeidi funeral in Jenin

Daoud Zubeidi

فيديوهات من مسيرة #جنين الغاضبة تنديدا بقتل الاحتلال للشهيد داوود الزبيدي

“Oh, Zacharias, do not worry while we are drinking blood.”

Daoud Zubeidi, brother of jailed terror chief, dies of wounds from battle with IDF
Zubeidi was taken to an Israeli hospital after his condition deteriorated; terror groups threatened to ‘open the gates of hell’ should he come to harm

Palestinian Militant, Brother of Fatah Military Leader, Dies in Israeli Hospital After Jenin Fighting

angry #Jenin march condemning the occupation’s killing of the martyr Daoud Al-Zubaidi

By AARON BOXERMAN Times of Israel 15/05/2022

Jack Khouri, 15/05/2022

Daoud Zubeidi was taken to a Haifa hospital

after being wounded in clashes with Israeli forces in the West Bank,

which also left an Israeli officer dead

Daoud Zubeidi

סרטונים מצעד #ג’נין הזועם בגנות הרג השהיד דאוד אל-זוביידי בכיבוש

“يا زكريا لا تهتم واحنا شرابين الدم”..

“הו, זכריה, אל תדאג בזמן שאנו שותים דם.”

شاهد| مسيرة حاشدة في مخيم #جنين تنديدا بقتل الاحتلال الشهيد داوود الزبيدي

شقيق الأسير زكريا الزبيدي، وللمطالبة باسترداد جثمانه

עצרת מסיבית במחנה הפליטים ג’נין, המגנה את הריגתו

של השהיד דאוד אל-זוביידי, אחיו של האסיר זכריה אל-זוביידי, ולדרוש את החזרת גופתו.

Daoud Zubeidi
צעדת מחאה של חמושים בג’נין לזכרו של דאוד זביידי

Palestinian militant dies of wounds

, days after clashes with Israeli troops

By Reuters Staff
MAY 15, 2022

ג’נין חמושים בלווית דאוד זביידי 15.05.2022

Terrorist Daoud Zubeidi,

wounded in Jenin clash with IDF, dies

Zubeidi, 40 of age

the brother of

former Al-Aqsa Brigades

Commander Zakaria Zubeidi,

sustained critical injuries

in a massive gunfight

with Israeli security forces

in Jenin on Friday.

After he was moved

to Israel for treatment,

the terrorist group warned

that if any harm came to him, it

“will open the fire of hell in the face of the Zionist enemy.”

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