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Escalating tensions between Israel and the Palestinians in the west Bank & East Jerusalem 17.04.2022

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Clashes between the Israeli army and local Palestinian youth broke once again

at the Old city of Jerusalem

Ramadan2022 is also Passover2022.

It should have been a celebration, peaceful celebration, according to our religions.

An arrested protester
#פלסטין#גדה המערבית

Clashes between local Palestinian youth and the Israeli army erupted in several locations but mostly at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound of East Jerusalem

An Arrest of a Palestinian Youth at Al Aqsa mosque

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Old city of Jerusalem, Ramadan2022, 17.04.2022
Nazareth solidarity vigil with AlAqsa Arrestees resulted in clashes between local Palestinian youth and the Israeli army 16.04.2022 Ramadan 2022

Masafer Yata, 17/04/2022 south Hebron Hills

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