The Israeli army & the Talestinians- clashes and unrest 17/04

Tensions remain elevated

after Palestinians

and Israeli army personnel

clash at East Jerusalem’s

Israel, PT:

Tensions remain elevated after Palestinians and Israeli army clash

at East Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque April 17.

israeli army stormed al aqsa mosque
Israeli army raided Al-Aqsa mosque compound several times during Ramadan 20222 unrest
Old city of Jerusalem 17/04/2022

נמשכים העימותים בין הצבא הישראלי

לצעירים פלסטינים במתחם מסגד אל-אקצה,

דיווח חי 17.04.2022

شاهد مواجهات بين شبان وقوات الاحتلال في البلدة القديمة بالقدس المحتلة

Tensions flare as Israeli army enter Al-Aqsa Mosque again

Al-Jazeera 17 Apr 2022

At least 19 people were reportedly injured

as Israeli police carried out

the second raid at the mosque since Friday.

old city of Jerusalem Al-Aqsa compound Ramadan 2022 העיר העתיקה בירושלים בחודש רמאדן 2022

על רקע מתיחות

מתמשכת בין ישראל והפלסטינים

לכל אורך חודש הרמדן 2022,

מתחם מסגד אל-אקצה ממשיך להיות מוקד חיכוך משמעותי

Scores of Palestinians wounded

in clashes with Israeli army

at Jerusalem’s

Al-Aqsa mosque compound

By abdolrahman Alami עבדולראחמן עלמי

Al-Aqsa Mosque : heart of the conflict

April 17 2022

Clashes erupt again

near the

Al-Aqsa Mosque

Updated April 17, 20227:16 PM ET 

in Jerusalem

17 Apr 2022 02:08 PM (GMT)

France 24 report Jerusalem:

Several Palestinians arrested

amid fresh

Al-Aqsa violence

Several Palestinians were

injured as violence broke out at

Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

for the second time in just days.

israeli army
Mahmoud Illian AP pictures Alliance

ReaD About 2022 Al-Aqsa Mosque storming

on wikipedia

Al Aqsa mosque site is sacred to both Jews and Muslims.

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