Passover lockdown for Palestinians סגר פסח שמח לפלסטינים

בהנחיית שר הביטחון: סגר כללי יוטל על יהודה ושומרון במהלך חג הפסח

צה”ל הודיע על סגר כללי שיופעל החל ממחר ועד למוצאי שבת, על כל אזור יהודה ושומרון. בנוסף, בהנחיית שר הביטחון, יפתחו מחדש המעברים ג’למה וריחן החל מצאת החג

דיווח מקורי: ערוץ הטלגרם אל מקדסי אעלם

Israeli army spokesperson announcment

IDF Spokesperson: Following an assessment of the security situation, on the eve of Passover,
The following was decided:
Imposing a general closure on the West Bank from Friday 15.4.22 (16:00) until Saturday 16.4.22 (00:00)

Closure of the crossings with the Gaza Strip.

Re-opening the Jalma and Al-Rehan crossings to the Israelis

– Allowing the exit of prominent merchants and businessmen from Jenin.

Continuing the passage of humanitarian, medical and exceptional cases with the approval of the Coordinator of Government Activities

– Extension of the closure or not to be decided based on an additional assessment of the security situation on Saturday.

Urgent | Walla’s Hebrew website: “The occupation is sending additional reinforcements and a helicopter to chase a young man who escaped from a shopping center in the city of Hadera, leaving behind a large knife, and the occupation police closed the center and prevented anyone from leaving it.”

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