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ישוחררו עלי יונסי ואמירחוסיין מוראדי

Free Ali Younesi and AmirHossein Moradi


אמירחוסיין מוראדי ועלי יונסי,

סטודנטים מצטיינים למדעים כלואים מזה שנתיים ברפובליקה האסלמית של איראן

Ali Younesi and Amirhossein Moradi

are elite students who have won medals in

international astronomy & astrophysics olympiad.

They were beaten up and arbitrarily arrested

by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence agents

on April 10th 2020 in Tehran.

They are in prison since March 2020 for a fabricated crime

with no actual evidence to prove the charges against them.

They faced variety of physical & psychological tortures

including but not limited to

being kept in a cell with strong light & heater

on 24/7,

beaten by interrogators,

hearing voice of others being tortured,

receiving threats about their family members,


it is two years already

It is two years that they have been arbitrarily detained under pressure

in the ward 209 of Evin prison.

For 59 days,

Ali and Amirhossein

were separately held in solitary confinement,

in 2 sqm cells with no windows,

deprived of any connection with the outside world,

facing tortures to accept the accusations and to

record televised forced confession.

who are Ali Younesi and AmirHossein Moradi?

Amirhossein and Ali are

undergraduate students in

computer engineering and physics,


at Sharif University, Iran.
By the time they started studying

they were already award winning students and destined for a bright future.

They were denied the right to have a lawyer for 13 months


Amirhossein Moradi had won a silver medal in

Iran’s National Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad in 2017.
He is a an undergraduate student at Sharif University


aspiring to graduate with a BSc in Physics.

Ali won gold medal in the International Astronomy

and Astrophysics Olympiad (IOAA) 2018 in China.

He also won gold and silver medals in Iran’s National Astronomy

& Astrophysics Olympiad in 2017 and 2016.
He is a computer engineering student


עלי יונסי
עלי יונסי, בן עשרים ושתיים. נחשב לעלוי במדעים

HRW have raised concerns regarding the situation with Amirhossein Moradi and Ali Younesi.

עלי יונסי
עלי יונסי, סטודנט מצטיין מאוניברסיטת שריף ברפובליקה האיסלמית של איראן

In May 2021,

UN human rights experts have urged Iran’s ambassador

to UN to

“take all necessary measures to guarantee the right of

Mr Younesi not to be deprived of his liberty,

to protection from any act of torture and ill-treatment

and to fair trial proceedings.”

Several human rights organisations

including Amnesty,

Amnesty Iran

, Amnesty Sweden,

Several Nobel Laureates and

distinguished academics in a letter

have urged the United Nations to intervene

for the release of

two top university students imprisoned in Iran.

On Jan 2022,

Several Nobel Laureates & Academics asked

for the release of two Sharif University

@SharifSocial students,

Ali Younesi and AmirHossein Moradi

arbitrarily detained in Iran since April 2020.

Eugene Chudnovsky,

@APSphysics &

distinguished Professor


fellow of American Physical Society

Co-Chair of Committee of Concerned Scientists


has in a video message asked for the release of AmirHossein and Ali
#FreeAliAndAmirhossein @MostafaNili58,

On January 26, 2022, Mostafa Nili who is

Ali’s lawyer,

revealed that Ali and Amirhossein

have been held with financial criminal/smuggler

in 2*4.5m cell,

that they are allowed for

only 2×20 minutes of yard time in a week,

and that they being are illegally blindfolded.

On April, 2022, Mostafa Nili, lawyer,

disclosed that his and his colleagues’

attempts to transfer Ali and Amirhossein

from the high-security cells in ward 209

to a “regular” political-prisoner ward have been failed.

Facing cruel, inhuman treatment in prison

מוסטפה נילי עורך דינם של השניים חשף כי מאמציו לשפר את תנאי כליאתם של השניים היו לשווא וכי הם מוחזקים לצד אסירים פליליים

עלי יונסי
Ali Younesi & Amirhossein Moradi

תמונות וציוצים מתוך סערת הטוויטר למען שחרורם

selected twits from Twitterstorm for Ali Younesi and

Amirhossein Moradi- 10.04.2022

The second anniversary of the arrest was marked by a twitterstorm of Farsi twitterers

עלי יונסי ברגע הזכייה במדליה
תומכיו של עלי יונסי יצאו בקמפיין ברשתות החברתיות אשר קורא לשחרורו
Originally tweeted by #FreeAliandAmirHossein (@FreeAliAndAmir) on 9th April 2022.
Ali Younesi Originally tweeted by ☼𓃬 𝓢𝓸𝓸𝓭𝓮𝓱 ﮼سوده🤞🏼 ☼𓃬 (@DearSoodi) on 9th April 2022.

We, the Iranian people,

are using

#FreeAliAndAmirhossein in order to

to be the voice of two Iranian outstanding students,

#AliYounesi and #AmirHosseinMoradi

who are kept in prison for two years

by the terrorist regime of Islamic Republic

without any legal reason.

“אנחנו האיראנים משתמשים בהאשטאג הזה

בכדי לציין את יום השנה השני למעצרם של אמירחוסיין מוראדי ועלי יונסי”

به دوش خسته، دل زخم و جان آزرده
 همیشه شاهد ظلمم، غم زمانه کشم
 شبیه آتشم اما به زیر خاکستر
 ببین که از سر کینه شبی زبانه کشم

Originally tweeted by Narges (@Narges59897716) on 9th April 2022.
#FreeAliAndAmirhossein Ali Younesi
Originally tweeted by Moh Heidari (@moh_heidari) on 9th April 2022.
#FreeAliAndAmirhossein Ali Younesi
#FreeAliAndAmirhossein ישוחררו הסטודנטים אמירחוסיין מוראדי ועלי יונסי הכלואים מזה שנתיים ברפובליקה האסלמית של איראן, ציוץ מתוך סערת הטוויטר 10.04.2022
ישוחרר עלי יונסי סטודנט מצטיין למדעים מאוניברסיטת אמיר שריף בטהראן
#FreeAliAndAmirhossein Ali Younesi
Originally tweeted by Bamdad Pirouzi سراوان (@BamdadPirouzi) on 9th April 2022.

קריאה נוספת אודות עלי יונסי ואמירחוסיין מוראדי

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