Escalating tensions in Israel Palestine amid Ramadan 2022-Liveblog 11.04.2022 (updated)

escalating tension between israel and the Palestinians
Illegal Palestinian combatants at the occupied west bank

Palestinians sources report- Escalating tensions of Ramadan 2022 in the occupied territories

על פי דיווח מקורות פלסטיניים גם היום, ה12.04.2022 נמשכים עימותים בין תושבי ג’נין לכוחות צבא המדינה.

צילום מסך מערוץ טלגראם newspressPS telegeram channel screenshot

شاهد تحليق طائرة مسيّرة تتبع لجيش الاحتلال في سماء المنطقة الصناعية بـ #جنين.

News press PS نيو برس

Jenin ג’נין

Protests at Jennin resume amid the killing of

Mouhamad Zakaraneh,

a local during clashes

with the Israeli army yesterday. (12.04.2022)

New Press reporter:

A young man was seriously

injured by the occupation’s bullets

in the village of Husan, west of Bethlehem.

Young men block Amman Street,

East of #Nablus,

in anticipation of the settlers’

storming in the coming hours.

The condition

of the injury of the man

from Husan village,

west of Bethlehem,

is stable,

and the news of his death

is not true.

Because of the security situation

, the occupation decides

to cancel the settlers’ storming

of Joseph’s tomb

in Nablus today,

with a promise

to them

that the storming will take

place after Easter.


Provoking Arab and Muslim feelings

is the beginning of dark days

for the occupation and its settlers

Source in the Palestinian resistance to Al-Jazeera:

The settlers’ plan to slaughter

the alleged sacrifices

in Al-Aqsa

exceeds the red lines

Hebrew sources:

Report of shooting at an occupying army force

in a speeding car near Hawara.

Hebrew sources: It was determined that

a vehicle belonging

to the occupation army was hit

by gunfire that targeted it from a speeding car

near the Yitzhar junction,

south of Nablus.

Field resources:

The Palestinian resistance

funeral of a ramadan 2022 martyr
הלוויתו של קורבן העימות Ramadan 2022 funerals in the occupied Palestinian territories

conveyed messages

to the Egyptians

that holding

Jewish religious rituals

and slaughtering sacrifices

inside Al-Aqsa Mosque

crossed the red lines

The factions’ messages


that crossing the red lines

in Jenin camp represents

a detonator detonating

the situation

in the various squares

The resistance

informed the Egyptians

that the

enemy’s reliance

on improvements

to the Gaza Strip


its separation

from Jerusalem

and the West Bank

is a wrong assessment

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