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These are the pictures that I took during my part time job as a caregiver of an elderly lady. This woman was almost eighty and was bound to a wheelchair.

However she was a very sharp and opinated old lady. My job was to drive her in her wheelchair outside to spend some time outside with outside in the sunshine.

She had the talent to pick the best spots with lots of sunshine. This lady was confined to her home for the whole autumn and winter-because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Than there were lockdown. Her former caregiver, the one I replaced, has contracted Corona virus and died. I was vaccinated three times

and I felt it was my duty to provide service to those who were hurt most severely during the outbreak-the elderly people

Working as a caregiver brought me very little money.

The job pays only a few hours.

Everyday I would ride the bus,

at a 09:00AM & drive this dear lady

to sit outside at the park.

The joy she felt out of something quite ordinary as sitting

at the park felt very rewarding to me.

My job didn’t last long.

After a month

I had an accident and I injured my hand.

I could no longer

drive the wheelchair

or my stitches would crack.

In my absence,

“Queen Sunshine” took a liking

in my replacement

. She liked the other caregiver

than agency sent better than she liked me.

But I did learn a lot from listening to her speak.

Lady sunshine place by the sun

#Lady_Sunshine immigration story

She was born at Morocco

& immigrated to Israel

at a very young age.

Her family was

placed in temporary housing

for new coming immigrants.

She was

discriminated against


both as a woman

and as an

immigrant from

the “Orient”.

She spoke

fluent French and Arabic

yet people treated her

as if she was a savage,

one time


violating her privacy

at the shower

when an immigrant

from Poland stared,

at her naked body

at the showers to see

if oriental Jews have

the same bodies

as occidental Jews.

Many decades later

she didn’t forget or forgive.

She told me her story

about racism and discrimination

against Moroccan Jews in Israel

during the fiftees

and I respect that

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