A Guest post from my friend Artin

@ sirArtin on twitter

My friend Artin is an Iranian net activist.

I asked his premission to re-post his twits to my blog

To understand a society, one must live in it.

But to understand

the pain of the people of that society,

one can draw conclusions from the news

and statements of the people.

You have always been

a supporter of the suffering people

of Iran and we thank you

The fact is that Iran has trained active journalists

in foreign publications and others

to join organizations such

as the United Nations and other human rights organizations

to support the inhumane policies of the Islamic Republic

Non-Iranians are often confused and misled

by the propaganda of mullahs

because they often read the news

from government Molla’s

Friendship & support

And we non-governmental Persian speakers

are very interested in having sincere friendship

with the people of Israel,

as in the old days when our people

and our politicians were together.

It will be an honor for us
If we, the people

, supported the Syrian people

in the Syrian war,

and we supported the Ukrainian people

in the Russian war.

We know how terrible the rule of oppression

and dictatorship

is and

we do not want it for anyone.


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