Amar Shafik Abu Al Afifa – reportedly shot dead by the Israeli army

amar al afifa
Amar Al Afifa

His name is Amar Al Afifa from Al Aroub refugee camp,

occupied Palestinian territories.

He was allegedly shot dead

by the Israeli army

without any provocation of his side

. According to Shir Aharon,

an Israeli activist

there are no further details

about the circumstances of his death.

The Israeli army spokesperson has issued

a statement regarding the incident

of his fatal shooting

and has announced that

an investigation will be carried

regarind this tragic death.

Haaretz reporters wrote a short piece

about how Amar got killed.

According to the Hebrew reporters

Hagar Sheizaf and Jacky Houry

the Israeli soldiers noticed

him and his friend

approaching a Jewish settlement

and have ordered them

stop where they are.

Amar didn’t stop

and the soldiers shot him dead.

Amar’s cousin Shadi told

Haaretz reporter


Amar was a brilliant student


Al Aroub university

and he would go out the refugee camp

because he felt it was small and crowded,

but there is no evidence he was

involved in any kind of agressive behavior

that would justify him being shot to death.

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