I, Jewish Ukranian woman Stand with Ukraine

stand with ukraone

Jewish Ukranian Israeli

My blood will not forget Ukraine.

Maybe I was born in Israel but I do not consider myself a


. Jewish- yes

Zionist nope.

Than what am I?

I was born here in Israel and so was my parents.

Their parents came here as young children,

early twenties of the twentieth century. B

ut we human beings are hybrid,

transnational creatures. I

was born in the Middle East but

I never forgot that

my grandparents came here as

very very young immigrants.

Even though I have never set foot to Europe

. I have never been to Russia or Ukraine but

I have met many people

who came to Israel from Russia and Ukraine

and I can tell a Jew with russian origins

from a Jew with Ukrainian origin.

Whenever I was mistaken to believe my roots were in

Russia there was always someone in my family to stand me corrected:

A Jew with roots in Ukraine, an Ukranian Israeli

so I feel that I have a dog in this fight and I am rooting for Ukraine,

without thinking about it even once.

I am rooting in my heart for Ukraine

and I don’t care about the contesting narratives- I

am loyal to the land of my anscetors.

My blood remembers Ukraine.

I am so fed up with tankies who support Putin & Russia. I stand with ukraine

About Putin Propaganda bots

I don’t andcan’t explain it.

Other than

this I have read some arguements

in favor of Russia on

Hebrew social media

and I found them unconvining.


is a murderous dictator who supported Assad in Syria,

an aspiring emprialist,

he is killing his political opponents and

Russia is not a democracy.

support Russian dissidents

I support the Russian oppistion ,

Russian protesters and

russian freedom fighters

But I could never understand how could one support a

murderous leader who assasinates his opponents,

lies and spreads disinformation at such a huge scale,

not supporting authoritarian rulers and regimes,

statism and militarism

should be our moral compass.

what happened to the virtue of speaking truth to power,

How come we are not standing up against tyranny?

Did your blood forget, brothers and sisters?

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