I am saying my prayers of grateful because

I am healthy and I did not get infected and

not one person of my family did.

I feel that this is miracle.

A gift for Allah Hashem. My health.

The health of my family at these times.

Even if I get infected now I still made it two years

into the pandemic without getting infected

and more importantly not infecting

anyone especially not weak

and vulnerable people at risk groups

I check myself for covid everyday

and I keep testing negative

despite being in quarantined

in a small apartment

with two verified Co vid

a symptomatic carrier of the virus,

sharing meals & every breath with them

. I went as far as sharing a

bed with someone

who snorted all night wet snores

and literally sprayede

. I waited 24 hours. Still negative.

The other thing I am grateful

for is that I am in love again.

I didn’t mean to

Although our relationship is aplatonic

I am grateful for everything,

the good stuff & the bad stuff.

I love my good friend. Hamdulila

حمدالله سبحان الله

co-vid 19 israel
Hebrew instructions for a fast co vid test to go

העולם עדיין קיים

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