#SaveSheikhJarrah because it is becoming a second Shuhada Street in Hebron

Why do settlers want to live where nobody speaks their language and they need security to escorts them wherever they go?

We were standing the way we stand every week, near the Ghawi family house, holding banners and chanting. Perhaps we could soften the heart of the settlers to return the house to the previous owner and go live where they are wanted and belong. Sheikh Jarah is a Palestinian neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, contested and disputed Territory.

The settlers feel calm and comfortable walking in the streets of Sheikh Jarrah accompanied by soldiers. The Palestinians less so.

There are checkpoints at the entry to the neighbourhood & residents are asked to show their IDs upon entry. Last week 16 years old Janah Qiswani was hit by a sponge tipped bullet. This week a fourteen years old girl was arrested for painting her face in Palestinian flag colours. Sheikh Jarah said Salah Diab human rights defender, is slowly becoming the second Hebron Shuhada Street-an apartheid part of town where extremist settlers roam freely and the Palestinians are afraid to leave their homes

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