Salah Diab human rights defender of #SheikhJarah #Jerusalem has been released from jail

Peaceful protest in Jerusalem often goes unreported, unfortunately. If there is no blood & violence the media doesn’t care. During my years of activism I have met more than a few Palestinian Ghandis. One of them is our friend Salah Diab, human rights defender of Sheikh Jarah. Salah is someone I know for almost a decade. He is a hero & inspiration, I am honoured to meet him. During the many years of protests in Sheikh Jarah some of the Israeli activists became very close to Salah. He is a very honorable man, one of the most peaceful people I know. It came as a great shock to me to learn that Salah is being accused by the Israeli authority of organising illegal protests. I attended one of his court hearings. He was incarcerated for his part of peaceful protest. I could not believe that a man like Salah could be in jail while I think he should be acknowledged as a human right defender & be protected by international law. Despite being incarcerated, Salah didnt give up on peaceful Protests against ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarah.

Last Friday in #SheikhJarrah I was looking for Salah in the crowd but he wasn’t there. I assumed he was preparing for Iftar, the meal after Ramadan

A little while before the protest the Israeli army forces raided Salah Diab’s House, broke his leg & pepper sprayed him. Last I heard he had a court hearing that began on Saturday day night & some activists have gathered for a support vigil in front of the Masqobia where his hearing took place. Right now I don’t know if Salah is a free man or not & wither or not the Israeli authorities will continue to persecute yet another unsung Palestinian Ghandis.

Salah Diab human rights defender of #SheikhJarah

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