Consecutive interruptions of telephone and internet in Paroud City, Islamic Republic of Iran

According to Baloch reporters, frequent outages and disruptions to telephones and the Internet have long caused many problems for the people of Paroud and surrounding villages.

In today’s modern world, where all activities depend directly on the communication network of telephone lines, communication and telecommunication services in the

“Paroud” section of “Rask” city located in Balochistan are of poor quality

and this issue causes many problems for the residents of this region. Has created.

“In order to make a call, we have to go to distant villages like

#Nasirabad, #Ali_Abad or to the city of Rusk. There is no antenna at all in #Paroud and the whole area,” said an informed source.

The source added: “For a long time

, the residents of Paroud and its subordinate villages,

including #Peshamg, #Mortan, etc.

, have been suffering from frequent interruptions

of telephone and Internet lines, but the authorities only promise and do nothing.”

It should be noted that Paroud section

with a population of 35,000 people is located 30 km from the city of #Rask.

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