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  • Ava news – #Mashhad: Retirees gather in front of the Social Security building

    Retirees chant: “We will not give up, we will not give up” The rest of the people, enter wherever you see protests. #General_protests https://t.co/ii0Rrva2Rj

  • Baloch reporters telegram: announced cyber #saravan_is_not_alone

    “This week, we will publish the operation instructions of Sass and Vaja cyber on social networks for you to: 2- Know how the cyber activities of the Islamic Republic work and also identify all those who have worked in this direction! Patriotic cyber to publish the facts, that is, to act exactly against this instruction.…

  • Leafy Rahman is creating Videos, parodies, poetry, translation | Patreon

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  • The martyrdom of Hussein MuhammadZahi and Muhammad Saleh Motadaghi #Saravan

    Hussein MuhammadZahi, a Baluch protester, died in the fuel traders protests in Saravn הדיווח של סיאר מדיה – במהלך ההפגנות של עובדי תעשיית הדלק בעיר סראוון, מחוז באלוצ’יסטאן או סיסטאן נורו למוות שני מפגינים- חסאן מוחמדזאהי היה רק בן שלוש עשר. שמו של המפגין הנוסף שנורה למוות הוא מוחמד סאלח מוטאדגי Read more: Iranian regime…

  • Reporters Without Borders (RSF) react to the Balochistan uprising

    Iran: The regime has completely cut off the Internet for two days. To deprive the people of independent information about the uprising that started after the killing of several civilians by the Balochistan border police, and to be able to suppress the people better and without witnesses. # Reporters_Baluch Source ‘ T.me/balochreporters

  • Baloch reporters: Iranshar youth block traffic during protest

    According to Baloch reporters telegram chanel, The youth of #Iranshahr, last night, started to block the city roads and disrupt traffic .# Reporters_Baluch T.me/balochreprters

  • Protesters set tires on tire during clashes with IRGC in Balochistan o sistan protests

    Tire burning on the street by members of leading fighters # Reporters_Baluch T.me/balochreporters

  • Baloch reporters: Balochi artist وحید Torkash performs a poem – “Balochistan has risen”

    “Balochistan has risen” The people of Balochistan in an exemplary union from #Chabahar and #Saravan and #Zahedan and #Khash, to #Iranshahr and #Sarbaz and Chabahar, from #Sirik and #Kahnooj and #Rudbar_Zamin, to #Roudan and #Zabol and #Qasrqand; We all stand together against the oppression of Ali Khamenei. It is getting dark and this is the…

  • Baloch reporters: kurdish man named Muhammad sustains head injury during clashes with IRGC

    Another crime of the Revolutionary Guards in Kurdistan On Saturday, March 30, according to the news, the troops stationed at the Nosud border crossing fired at Colbran with a loaded weapon and wounded Colbran. The identity of this injured cobbler is “Mohammad” and he is a resident of “Darian” village. The crimes of the IRGC…

  • ‎#IRMassacresBalochs

    “People around the world are waiting their turn to get vaccinated. We are also waiting for the internet in Sistan and Baluchestan to be connected to see how many of our compatriots have been killed by the ruling regime of our country.” # خبر_فوریהפגנות בכל מחוז באלוצ’יסטאןצעירים מקומיים יצאו להפגין וחסמו צירי תחבורה. “🔹 Spark…

  • Fuel traders Protests at Balochistan O sistan District

    Fuel traders Protests at Balochistan O sistan District

    Fuel carriers protests in Iran, Baluchistan O Sistan.

Month: February 2021