Watch Jewish Israeli anarchists in Tel Aviv call to abolish Zionism

During the protest against the annexation of the West Bank,at Rabbin Square Tel Aviv, an anarchist block chose to march under far more radical slogan that might seem too extreme for some people. The group “Anarchists against the Wall” activists held a banner that read:abolish Zionism – Nakba since 1948. The group also held other banners that read: Rotzhim Bemadim – Killers in uniforms. I must say that when these activist call to abolish Zionism what they actually mean is that they want to abolish the Jewish privilege in Israel and make all Israeli people equal citizens, a true democracy other than the ethnocracy Israel is now. The call to abolish Zionism coming from these activist is a call for what they perceive as social justice – mainly demand for equality. I am aware that under different contexts the call to abolish Zionism might sound as a call for violence, especially when coming from the Iranian regime. But this is not the case here: many of the founders of these groups served in the Israeli army or have relatives who are Israeli soldiers. They really mean the regime and not killing Israelis. And no, they are not anti semitic either. Believe it or not, these people are passionate patriots who make their best of efforts to be the most dedicated and committed citizens. They are not violent people, very far from it. They are protesting against what they perceive as violent actions of our own government and they are saying :not in our names. They reject the brutality of their own government. They are asking for justice. An end to the violence of the Israeli occupation. And this is their right to express their feelings about what their (our) government is doing. Maybe their style is proactive and alienating. Maybe there is a better way of saying we do not want to occupy other people. But people who live safely abroad can’t understand how torn up from inside we are, these people are. Their words are heartfelt. Maybe there are better words to describe the feelings. The main point of this is to protest. Maybe not my own style or my own words. But I respect their right for just anger.

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