Ali Younesi student at Sharif University arrested

Iran Human Rights (IHR); May 6, 2020:

The spokesperson for the Judiciary of the

Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday,

May 5,

accused Ali Younesi

and Amir Hossein Moradi,

who were arrested on April 10,

of having links

with an opposition group,

Mojahedin Khalq Organization


and being in possession of

“explosive devices.”

The charge could result

in severe punishment

for the two elite Sharif University of Technology students.


His brother Reza Younesi has

posted the following

on his twitter account

I know most are

interested in chemistry/batteries here,

but I’m reaching out for any help

using any possibility as this is

seriously concerning for my family:

My brother, #Ali_Younesi,

20 y/o, was beaten up and arrested

on April 10th in Iran.

He was taken by 12 IRGC agents…


is a gold medal-winner

in the International

#Olympiad on

Astronomy and

Astrophysics 2018 in China

and a second-year computer

science student

at Sharif University of

Technology in Tehran.

They have from the beginning said

Ali will

be released in 2-3 days, but…

is 19 days since &

not clear when/what will happen.

He has no access to lawyer &

not being able talk to parents.

With the regime

having a long history of human rights violation

including arresting

& torturing university students,

my family is extremely worried about his health.


۲۶ روز از بازداشت علی یونسی

و امیرحسین مرادی،

دو دانشجوی نخبه دانشگاه‌های ایران

می‌گذرد و همچنان از

وضعیت آن‌ها اطلاعی در دست نیست.

سخنگوی قوه قضائیه آن‌ها را متهم

با ارتباط با گروه‌های مخالف جمهوری اسلامی کرد.

Iran is using the pandemic as cover for cracking down on intellectuals

By Eugene Chudnovsky

May 4, 2020 – 4:05 PM


(IRAN: UA 76.20)
Iranian university student Ali Younesi

has been arbitrarily detained since 10 April 2020.

His family believes he is being held in

Tehran’s Evin prison,

where he has been denied access to

a lawyer and permitted

only two brief telephone calls

to his family.

The Iranian authorities

have not provided clear reasons for his arrest.

He is a prisoner of conscience targeted solely

for his family ties and is at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.

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