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תיעוד : תושבי הרפובליקה האיסלמית של איראן שרים ביחד איש איש מביתו

Iranians singing from the balconies, quarantined at home

In a video posted by Radio Farda you can hear the Iranian people singing togather from their balconies as they are confined in their homes due to the coronavirus quarantine.

תיעוד ראדיו פארדה

בווידאו שפורסם ברשתות החברתיות ניתן לשמוע תושבים שרים את ההמנון “או איראן”.

מרבית תושבי איראן סגורים בבתיהם מזה ימים רבים מחשש להדבקה בנגיף הקורונה

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‏ساکنین اکباتان امشب دسته جمعی آهنگ ای‌ایران خوندن

COVID-19 pandemic in Iran. (2022, August 21). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_in_Iran

The COVID-19 pandemic in Iran has resulted in

7,558,950[2] confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 144,612[2] deaths.

On 19 February 2020, 

Iran reported its first confirmed cases of infections in Qom.[5]

 The virus source is likely to be the country of a merchant from Qom who had traveled to China.

[6] In response, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran 

canceled public events and Friday prayers;

closed schools, universities, shopping centers,

bazaars, holy shrines, and banned festival celebrations.[7][8]

 The government announced Economic measures to help families and businesses

, and the pandemic is credited with compelling the government

to make an unprecedented request for an emergency loan

of five billion US dollars from the International Monetary Fund.[9] 

The government initially rejected plans to quarantine entire cities and areas

, and heavy traffic between cities continued ahead of Nowruz

, despite the government’s intention to limit travel.

The government later announced a ban on travel between cities

following an increase in new cases.[8][10] 

Government restrictions were gradually eased starting in April.

The number of new cases fell to a low on 2 May

but increased again in May as restrictions were eased,

with a new peak of cases reported on 4 June

[11] and new peaks in the number of deaths reported in July.

[12] Despite the increase,

the Iranian government stated that it had no option

but to keep the economy open;[13] 

US sanctions already affected Iran’s economy 

, and its GDP fell by a further 15% due to the COVID-19 pandemic by June 2020.[14]

Ashak Jangahiri dismisse coronavirus iran 2020 the co vid pandemic in iran

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