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הכלכלן המרכסיסט פאריבורז ראיס דנה נפטר בגיל שבעים ושתיים

פאריבורז ראיס דנה Fariborz Rayis Dana

The most soul-crushing news from Iran:
Fariborz Rayis Dana,
the leading Marxist economist in Iran,
passed away at 72 in what was
very likely a Corona-linked infection.
(@arash_tehran) Arash Azizi

A collection of articles about the state of Iranian Economy (1998-2008)

by ,
Fariborz Rayis Dana

HRANA News Agency – 2013

Fariborz Rayis Dana is released

He had been sentenced

to one years of prison on the charge of

propaganda against

the government,

was released this morning

from the section 350

of the Evin prison.

According to a report by Kalame website,

this economist

and social researcher

was under arrest

for a while in the December 2010,

was arrested again in the June 2011

to serve his sentence and transferred

to the section 350

of the Evin prison according

to the order

by the Judge Mogheyse.

He was charged with

“Being a member of the authors’ center,

publishing statement against censorship,

interview with B.B.C Persian

and VOA Persian, and

accusing the Islamic Republic of bothering,

raping and torturing the prisoners.”

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