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21.02.2020 Channel 12 ( Hebrew): children at the frontline of war

Channel 12 Israel 21.02
Channel 12 hebrew 21- from a settlements surrounding Gaza strip to Syria : a message of solidarity from Nir and Nati Shohat to Mouhamad and Salwa from Syria.

A message of solidarity
Nir shohat: a child in fear is a child in fear no matter if he is laughing or crying
Children at the frontline- channel 12 (Israel) 21.02.2020
Channel 12:In a video that went viral Mohamad is seen teaching his young daughter Salwa to laugh from the sounds of explosions instead of panic
What Mouhamad taught his daughter Salwa in the video that went viral
Mouhamad’s video brokw the internet
Nir Shohat from the settlements surrounding Gaza strip: I was moved by the video of Mouhamad teaching Salwa to laugh from the explosion sounds
Nir and Nati,Mouhamad and Salwa
Mouhamad and Salwa
Nir Shohat: I explain to my daughter Nati that code red alerts mean we need to run to the shelters
Channel 12 (Israel) 21.02.2020

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