Weekend in Tel Aviv Israel/Palestine

The hit-and run attack in Jerusalem where 14 soldiers got injured was near my home (less than five minutes walk actually).

The person responsible for this attack lives in the neighboorhood.

His brother swears to court that this was a car accident that went horribly wrong and not an attack. So that is one thing to make me nervous other than the rest of the events of my life this recent weeks.

It seems that the world forgets about the plight of the Palestinians unless they commit actions of violence and Palestinian peaceful protests go under-reported.

But the Palestinian people do protest peacefully and what I know about protests I have learnt from Palestinians in the West Bank.

Palestinians are most resilient people.

At least, the Palestinians I know – they know soumoud-

just holding the ground and waiting on the recent storm

(Trump’s deal of the century) to pass. I do not like the idea of Ijnabis

– foreigners talking about Israel/Palestine.

This only cause bloodshed.

It is best that we Israeli people start talking directly to the Palestinians

without mediatators

I believe we can do that, choose to dialogue over fight,

words over bullets, peace over war, Love over hate.

Our revolution here in Israel-Palestine

needs to be a loving, kind one as manifested by

prominent Palestinian leaders and activists Aymen Odah, who keeps appealing to the Israeli people and never gives up on us and Ghadir Hani – whose activism against hate and racism and to bring people closer together is a legend and history in the making.

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